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Darling writes Addams about the status of her membership in the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Osgood writes Addams about the status of Grace Darling's membership and reports on the effectiveness of the Illinois letter.

Letter welcoming people to join the American Association for Labor Legislation for a small fee.

Addams et al. ask Washington to join the American Association for Labor Legislation campaign.

Kellor writes Addams about the Progressive Service organization and apologies for cancelling yet another visit to Chicago.

This is a list of the people who have received the letter written by Moriaud.

Paddock writes Addams and encloses a $5.00 check for her organization, Malone Political Equality Club, to join the Woman's Peace Party for the year.

Addams' secretary informs Bowes that society membership in the Peace Party $5 or $1.

Addams' secretary provides De Luce with details about membership levels for the Woman's Peace Party.

Thompson lays out the plan for the creation of the National Public Ownership League, which seeks to create public ownership of utilities and resources.

Hobhouse writes to Addams on her position with the British Committee for the International Women's Congress and personal matters of health and travel.

Welty's money order is returned to her because it was not the correct membership amount.

Karsten welcomes Welty as a member of the Woman's Peace Party, and informs her that she would be interested in discussing the introduction of military drills into Chicago high schools.

An application for membership in the National Public Ownership League.

Thompson explains the need for the National Public Ownership League and its goal of public ownership and democratic control over utilities and natural resources.

Thompson asks Pinchot to serve as the temporary president of the National Public Ownership League, which will work to advance public ownership of utilities.

Addams clarifies how a list that was published should have been approved and submitted to the Arts Committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Balch invites Bryan, and various others, to join the Neutral Conference as a correspondent.

Karsten informs Addams that Gulick is the secretary of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Addams informs Thomas that Hope McDonald will be appointed as chair of the Woman's Peace Party of Minnesota.

Kellogg tells Addams about recent pledges made to The Survey.

Karsten criticizes the New York Branch of the Woman's Peace Party for their prior disorganization, but urges Carroll to connect with them now.

Post asks Addams if it would be appropriate for Crystal Eastman to serve as an advisory member to the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party.

Nickerson is interested in getting more information on the Woman's Peace Party and possibly spreading the word so others may join as well.

Thomas discusses the formation of the Emergency Peace Committee and points discussed at the meeting.

Cumberson informs Addams that she will not be able to attend Addams's proposed conference.

Karsten acknowledges Vermilye's disapproval of a referendum on entering the war and informs her that whether the Woman's Peace Party will endorse it or not will be decided at an upcoming meeting in New York City.
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