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Lindsey sends Addams his regrets that he will be unable to attend the meeting in Chicago.

Mackenzie asks Addams for a meeting to discuss his idea for a new department at McClure Magazine to which she might contribute.

Catt explains the international issues that she has encountered in trying to organize an international peace meeting.

Catts corresponds with Addams about the peace movement and the roles of herself and Addams in regards to an upcoming meeting.

Catt apologizes to Addams because she did not know that there was another conference planned in Washington, D.C and it has caused confusion.

McCarthy discusses his availability for a proposed Progressive Party committee meeting in Chicago.

McCarthy asks Addams to confirm the date of a meeting.

Gilman gives Addams suggestions on how best to organize meetings with speakers involved, and offers her services as a speaker.

Merriman informs Addams of an upcoming meeting of the Survey board of directors.

Macmillan and Schwimmer are not sure how the committee can meet unless Addams travels to Chicago, especially since Jacobs must leave the country soon.

Davies explains his attitudes about child labor and the misunderstandings about them.

Reisner writes Cheney about the time of the next meeting of Board of Managers of the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education. Addams received a copy of this letter.

Karsten thanks Leach for her letter to Addams and invites her to an upcoming board meeting.

Karsten informs Sloan that she and Addams are arranging a luncheon to meet with Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington, whom they would like to speak to members of the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten acknowledges Vermilye's disapproval of a referendum on entering the war and informs her that whether the Woman's Peace Party will endorse it or not will be decided at an upcoming meeting in New York City.

Karsten shares with Denison the success of the recent Emergency Anti-War Committee Meeting in Chicago and informs her of the Woman's Peace Party Emergency Meeting in New York City being held "today".

Karsten informs Denison that she will send several documents in addition to those that had previously been sent regarding the First Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten informs Campen of an upcoming anti-war meeting.

Addams calls a meeting of the Executive Committee in Boston on October 7, regardless if all of the Board members can attend.

Karsten redirects Gilbert's request for tickets to a conference to Merriam.

The Woman's Peace Party suggests that Cook organize a meeting on February 22nd in Silver City, and would be sent materials if she wanted to participate.

Karsten discusses relations with an international organization and an upcoming meeting in Chicago.

Karsten updates Addams on business in Chicago, including a resolution created to deter the Board of Education from implementing military drills in high schools and a peace exhibit to be held in March.

Karsten has returned from a two week institute and has a great deal of information to share with Addams about the peace movement, including potential meetings and strategies.

Karsten confirms she has sent a letter proposing a meeting of the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party to be held on October 7 and updates Addams on other women's activities.

Thomas and Karsten will be out of office and will be leaving Nichols in charge.

Karsten informs Lochner that George Ellsworth Hooker wishes to address him about speaking before the City Club. She also recommended him as a speaker to Annette Jacobi Roberts of Milwaukee.

Karsten informs Mead about suggestions Addams has regarding the meeting of the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party, and also notes that Addams will be staying at Lake Geneva for two weeks.

Karsten informs Lane of an upcoming emergency meeting of the Executive Board of the Women's Peace Party and requests she makes arrangements at the Hotel McAlpin for it.
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