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Karsten sends Hunter a copy of a congressional bill which repeals the draft section of army legislation.

Brown informs Addams that the street trades bill she favored failed in the Illinois Senate, but the child stage bill she opposed also failed.

Brown asks Addams for advice about how best to get his research on stage children to Illinois legislators.
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Testimony of Addams and Anna Shaw before a Congressional Committee on Rules regarding woman's suffrage.

McCarthy offers his assistance in developing a legislative bureau within the Progressive Party.

McCarthy asks Addams for financial backing for his plan to hire stenographers to help create and distribute materials and legislative bills for the Progressive Party Legislative Bureau.

Chute and Brown send Addams a telegram regarding the defeat of stage bill in the Illinois Senate.
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Bates writes Addams in support of her work to ban child actors from the theater.

Rude asks Addams to testify for the Sheppard-Towner Maternity and Infancy Bill to be discussed at Congress.

A suggested amendment to Draft Law proposes that last or only children be exempted from military service and that men pursuing post-graduate study be exempted to preserve teaching and investigation.

Newspaper summary of Addams' speech on child labor and the need for new laws.

Thomas asks Addams to support agricultural legislation to prevent widespread hunger.
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