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Addams' draft notes for a eulogy for Alzina Parsons Stevens in which she quotes from William Wordsworth's "The Happy Warrior."

Addams reports to Smith on the funeral of John Peter Altgeld and her visits to the Smith residence.
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Addams pays her respects to the late Jennie Dow Harvey, whom she knew as the Hull-House kindergarten teacher, as well as having been a dear friend.

Jane encloses a eulogy on Gordon Dewey to Blaine.

Addams writes Paulding with apologizes for her inability to make a visit to New York following the death of Ernest Crosby.

Addams responds to Vittum's query about the high costs of funerals for the poor and legislation to provide relief.

Haldeman-Julius tells Addams about the funeral of Anna Hostetter Haldeman Addams.

Addams gives a memorial address for Shaw, highlighting Shaw's involvement in the woman's suffrage movement and religious education.