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Augspurg and Heymann suggest the dismissal of volunteer militias, arguing that Germany should instead focus on education to restart its economy and culture.

Sidwell writes to Addams concerning her house, worth $3,000, being placed into her will under Addams' name, asking that the money used to help girls receive a college education.

Excerpts from Addams' speech on educational opportunities wasted due to discrimination against immigrants.

Lindsey asks Addams for a copy of a report, and talks about other School Board topics.

Prosser explains his position on vocational education and his issues with Edwin Cooley's education bill.

Prosser asks Addams for advice in selecting a woman to work for the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education.

Merriam asks Addams to review a plan (not found) for the establishment of the National Extension School of Ethics and Politics.

McCarthy sends Addams information (not found) about a bill related to the use of schoolhouses.

Schwartz tells Addams about his work with citizenship classes in Chicago public schools and commends her for her neutral political stance.
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In Addams' speech before the National Conference of Charities and Correction, she forcefully argues for child labor reform as well as increased education. The speech, given on May 10 in Richmond, VA, was published in the proceedings.

Murtland asks Addams for constructive criticism of the work and plans of the National Society of Vocational Education.

Reisner asks Richards' opinion on the Dolliver-Davis Bill, which seeks to provide for agricultural and industrial training schools.

Karsten sends Giffin materials on military training in schools as requested.

Adler tells Spencer that he is skeptical about Friedrich Foerster's plans for a pacifist school to be funded from outside Germany.

Kelley discusses a plan to keep children in school until the age of fourteen, and news of her children's summer plans.

Armstrong writes to Addams about the differences between gender segregated and non-segregated classes and how women and men teach these classes differently.
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Addams explains the Progressive Party's approach to child labor and legislation.

Addams sends Blaine a copy of a speech that Addams heard on education reform.

Jones asks Addams to give a lecture at her convenience and updates her on a high school.

Dewey sends an invitation to Carnegie, Addams and others to join the National Council of the Committee on National Aid to Education.

John Szlupas writes Jane Addams in regards to his movement to improve education in Eastern Europe.

Cumberson regrets being unable to attend the Peace Conference in the city but has been encouraging people to write the President about the impending war and informs Addams that her physical education bill has been met with support.

Pettit writes to Addams about her trip to the Kentucky mountains to visit the mountain schools.

Doty sends Addams a proposed plan for the National Progressive Party Bureau of Education and asks for feedback.

Haley wishes to imbue to Addams that she is passionate about the plight of the public school and that she wishes to do everything she can to save this last piece of democracy she sees.

Robins commits $20,000 of her father's fortune to helping remedy the issue of public schools.
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Robins commits $20,000 of her father's fortune to helping remedy the issue of public schools.
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Addams offers a counter narrative to the idea that the U.S. government should limit immigration, arguing that immigrants provide benefits to society and are deserving of protections under the law. This is the fifth article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and a woman's role to affect change.

The proposed plan to create an organizational structure and agenda for the Progressive Party's work in education.

Addams speaks about women college graduates and their role in public reform.
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