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Percin discusses the importance of education about peace to contrast warmongering.

The Union asks Addams to write William Thompson in support of naval disarmament.
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Amy Woods writes to Jane Addams asking her advice on how the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom should gain finances for the December 7th Hague Conference of 1922

Woods reports to Lewis about the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee meeting and plans for a December conference.

Spencer tells Addams her reservations about associating relief efforts with disarmament efforts and prefers Geneva as the home for the next Congress.

Porter asks Addams to support a letter campaign asking the United States to commit to disarmament.

A snippet of a letter Furuhjelm wrote Balch on support for disarmament in Finland.

Robinson invites Addams to come to the opening of a national disarmament campaign in Manchester in Sepember.

Robinson tells Addams that she is safely returned to England and discusses future plans.

An announcement and program for a disarmament congress held In Chicago by the World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches.

Porter asks the government to clarify its peace aims now that the United States has joined the war.

Marshall argues that disarmament will reduce military spending and urges delegates to the Washington Conference to work towards peace

Merriman sends Addams some recent materials on the League and hopes that the Carnegie Foundation will support work.
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Addams talks about the economic impact of war and preparedness on the budget and how social programs could be expanded with disarmament.

Addams provides reasons for disarmament as a means to better the economy, reduce unemployment and taxes, and improve international relations. She gave the speech at the Eccleston Guildhouse in London on September 18, 1921.

Park sends Addams information about a proposal for disarmament supported by the Limitation of Armament Conference.

Park sends Pershing a plan to create an international bank of armaments that subscribing countries could draw upon in times of war.

Moore asks Addams to support plans for a worldwide disarmament referendum.

Moore asks Kellogg his opinion of a plan for a world disarmament referendum.

Balch and Mead complain to the Washington Post about errors in its reports of theWomen's International League for Peace and Freedom's Mass Meeting.

Balch tells the Kaskia Chapter that Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's position ion disarmament has been misrepresented and hopes that even if they disagree, they are both working for the nation's best interests.

Jüllig asks Addams if her organization can speak on disarmament at the International Congress of Women.