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Addams asks Hoover for clemency for Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti as a means of foreign-born Americans

Stahl criticizes Addams for her opposititon to capital punishment.

Knox takes issues with Addams's opposition to capital punishment, offering examples of English justice.

Hech disputes Addams's views on capital punishment, claiming that sentimental opposition results in more crime.

The author asks Addams to try to stop Nicholas Viana's execution.

The Tribune praises Governor Lowden's decision to allow Nicholas Viana to be executed and calls Addams's appeal sentimental.

Addams defends her views on capital punishment, replying to a critical editorial.

Collins informs Addams of efforts in Colorado to lobby for a commutation of Nicholas Viana's death sentence.

A "Friend to Man" asks Addams to give a Bible to Nicholas Viana and hopes that his execution will be stayed.

Addams defends her views against capital punishment for minors.

Addams argues against the death penalty for Nicholas Viana because he is a minor.

Kellogg tells Addams about Edward Krehbiel's efforts for Anita Whitney.

An article that criticizes the imprisonment of Charlotte Whitney on the grounds of free speech.

The Tribune reports on the sentence of social worker Anita Whitney.

Addams doubts that a girl held in the disappearance of Jeanne DeKay is the heiress.

Addams tells the press that the woman pretending to be the missing DeKay is an adventuress.

Newspaper story about the latest in the disappearance of Jeanne DeKay contains a short statement about the case by Addams.

Addams protests the execution by hanging in front of 200 prisoners as savage.

Morey writes to Addams to ask her to contact President Wilson about intervening in the detention of Alice Paul and Rose Wilson.

The article covers the arrest of Emily Hobhouse by British authorities.

Haldeman tells Addams about a forgery case that she has been dealing with.

Haldeman recounts a recent forgery case for Addams.

Lindsey thanks Addams for her help with the Ludlow Massacre and tells of the threats he as received and his anxiety over rising violence in the United States.

Addams discusses the juvenile crime rate in Chicago.
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Addams explains how educational background, economic situations, and family predicaments have an impact on juvenile crime; and she argues for special treatment of the "juvenile adult." This is the tenth article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and a women's roles in affecting change.

Lindsey writes Addams to explain a campaign to discredit his work to regulate crime against women.
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Addams explains how educational background, economic situations, and family predicaments have an impact on juvenile crime; and she argues for special treatment of the "juvenile adult." The article was published in October 1913.

Freeman writes Landsberg a lengthy story about how he ended up in jail.
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Addams described the Progressive Party's support for the dependents of prisoners, by allowing wages they earn in prison to be sent to their families. It also supports calls for social insurance that would protect the poor in case of injury or old age.
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