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Buckabee note that her peace petition could be signed by twenty million American children to call for peace on Memorial Day.

Blake reports on the Children's Peace Petition, enclosing press coverage (not found), to William Jennings Bryan.

The Children's World Peace Movement aims to educate children on peace by working with boards of education and superintendents on implementing peace lessons and concepts.

Hamilton presents two ideas for the promotion of world peace and emphasizes the importance of the future generation in his plans.

Woodburn writes to Addams describing a poem written by multiple people and an event involving children of all nationalities in the hopes of promoting world peace.

Addams updates Kellogg on Balch's future work and offers congratulations for the new addition to Kellogg's family.

Haldeman updates Addams on her recent miscarriage due to the extra work she has taken on, her adoption of Josephine, and updates on her friends and family.

Haldeman-Julius tells Addams about her anticipation of having a second child.

A photograph of a French orphan that was adopted by John Addams Linn's battalion in his memory.

The Swiss Red Cross reports on the deaths of children in the City Children's Asylum and White Cross Hospitals in Budapest.

Addams sends Linn baby gifts and wishes her well with her new baby.

A telegram from Hobhouse regarding relief efforts in Germany.

A draft for a telegram sent to Addams about relief for German children.
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