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Norton informs Addams to affairs going on in the office concerning the play, Trojan Women, including an issue involving a child actor.

Quotes from Addams' testimony before the Illinois Legislative Committee on Industrial Affairs on the health effects of child labor.

Addams catches up with Blaine' discussing a proposed school survey, Blaine's invitation to the National Child Labor Committee, and her annual donation to Hull-House.
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Addams expresses why the time is now that women should be able to vote, with in regards to the social power women have which can be used for political power.
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Addams argues that opponents of child labor should promote the positive results of ending child labor on children and society. The speech opened the Tenth Annual Conference on Child Labor in New Orleans.
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Addams argues that there needs to be more recreation for boys to keep them away from vice.

Graves informs Addams that Rosenwald will be donating $500 to the National Child Labor Committee.

Addams wrote Rosenwald requesting him to donate additional funds to the National Child Labor Committee but Graves would like additional financial information on the Committee before he recommends that Rosenwald make a larger donation.

Lovejoy writes Addams to have her help collect more money from friends in Chicago for the National Child Labor Committee.

Addams informs Woods that she has forwarded his question in regards to children in the theater to Mr. Lovejoy. She also implies that though children should not perform if exploited by managers for profit, it is allowable if it is done with education in mind.

Woods would like to know Addams' conclusion regarding whether or not to allow children to appear on the theatrical stage.

The Commission identifies problems regarding the labor of women and children and recommends solutions.

Kellogg sends Lewis a report of American Association for Labor Legislation activities.

Lewis writes Addams about the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the Legislative Reference Committee of the Progressive National Service.

Doty sends Addams a proposed plan for the National Progressive Party Bureau of Education and asks for feedback.

Davies explains his attitudes about child labor and the misunderstandings about them.

Matheny informs Addams about the Progressive legislation agenda and suffrage in West Virginia and asks her to be a part of it all.
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Lyrics and music to "The Jane Addams Hymn," also entitled "The Song of the Child-Slaves." The song was performed by the Jane Addams Chorus.

Lyrics to "The Jane Addams Hymn," also entitled "The Song of the Child-Slaves."
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Addams explains the Progressive Party's approach to child labor and legislation.

Staner writes to Addams about the ideals of the Socialist Party.

Witt writes Addams about his financial troubles and his distrust of Theodore Roosevelt.

A description of a Catholic sweatshop in Cincinnati that supposedly drugs young women and an attack on William Howard Taft as being pro-Catholic.

An outline listing the Committee on Industrial Relations' steps to creating a safe and healthy workplace.

Lose writes Addams with ideas about how the minimum wage and moral teaching can save women from a life of prostitution.

Addams thanks Mackay for her previous letter and reports that she has forwarded it on to the Secretary of the Illinois Child Labor Committee.

Parker reports on an interview with Morrison regarding Addams' opposition to a child actor exception to the 1903 Illinois Child Labor Law.

Lovejoy sends Addams data regarding child labor in theaters.

Addams asks for Taft's support on a bill to establish a Child Labor Bureau.
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