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Sherman tells Lanyon that though the General Federation of Women's Clubs has not taken a stance on the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, she believes that its ties to Communist Russia means that the are not in accord.

Elliott sends Addams a protest she wrote to the editor of the the Boston Herald over the attacks by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Elliott corrects the reporting in the Herald regarding the International Congress of Women and Jane Addams.

Mead urges Addams to pursue libel charges against her attackers and tells of similar attacks on peace from her lecture experiences.

Brande supports Addams's speech on the deportation of radical immigrants.

Hart tells the ACLU that the prisoners that they asked to be released have refused parole until other prisoners were freed.

Heyman asks Addams to confirm rumors that Gertrud Baer was arrested on arrival in the United States and expresses her concerns.

O'Connor sends Addams some clippings about attacks on her and Hull-House, and tells her that she is loved.

Gabriel tells Addams that he regrets the recent attack on her by Ferre Watkins and offers any way he can help in her work.

Addams advises the Union on how to respond to the attacks made by Ferre Watkins.

Addams comments on Kellogg's recent discussions about Anita Whitney.

Addams writes Hull about the relationship between the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section and the National Council of Woman and other women's groups.

Addams tells Pinchot that she will send his letter to the American Civil Liberties Union to answer his questions about clemency.

Addams tells Bailey that she is not inclined to join the American Civil Liberties Unions lawsuit, but that she believes that the Chicago Tribune should be sued.

Addams telegrams Balch that she is shocked that the National Council of Women seems swayed against the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom by newspaper attacks.

Addams accuses Beck (the editor of the Chicago Tribune) of misleading coverage of her address at the Auditorium and demands a correction be published.

Addams thanks Catt for her letter about the McLeod resolution but believes that it has come to a showdown.

Addams tells Catt that the attacks against the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom have been answered by Emily Balch and the World, and that she does not take them seriously.

Addams asks Hoover for clemency for Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti as a means of foreign-born Americans

Addams sends Woods a clipping about patriotic oaths and suggests that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section might want to protest it.

Addams defends her work for social betterment and a newspaper editorial blames the postwar situation for tarring ordinary ideas as communist.

Dawes called Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom communists.

Addams and Breckinridge send Older a telegram defending Anna Whitney.

Gorton supports Addams's remarks on the deportation of aliens and woman suffrage.