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Addams explores women's responses to war, looking at its costs in terms of lives and social welfare, and questions of patriotism.

Lindsay tells Addams that he has issued a series of war poems and discusses his conflicted thought on it.
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A published version of Addams's Carnegie Hall speech, held July 9, on her return from Europe. In it Adams detailed the work of the International Congress of Women and her ideas on peace.
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Addams writes about the activities for peace that she and other members of the International Congress of Women have accomplished.

Addams discusses the likelihood that the war will cease without the efforts of neutral nations.
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Addams testifies before the House Military Affairs Committee against indulging in military preparedness.

Addams denounces the newly formed American Legion as a project that could lead the United States into war and argues for conscious efforts to spread peace. The speech was made at the Cort Theater to the Woman's Peace Party on March 5.

Coman tells Addams that he doesn't think her address contains objectionable materials, but argues that force is sometimes the best method.

Addams' secretary receives Maxwell's letter for Addams and responds.

Adams asks Addams if there is anything more that she can do to help the peace movement. Adams has not been involved much in the actual movement but has observed many peace efforts.

Henry tells Addams that he disagrees with her views on pacifism and sees her as unpatriotic and pro-German.

Abraham asks Addams for a copy of her Patriotism and Pacifism address and supports her efforts for peace.

Becker praises Addams' views on the war and wishes her well.
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Addams discusses the power that the press has to influence public opinion on World War I.
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Addams discusses the power that the press has to influence public opinion on World War I.

Kellogg discusses the financial and editorial state of the Survey and seeks an article from Addams.

Kellogg asks Addams to encourage Columbia University faculty to report on changed temperaments on World War I.

Merkel sends Addams editorials (not found) regarding Germany's most recent diplomatic response to the sinking of the Lusitania .

Root resigns from the Woman's Peace Party if Addams wants her resignation, and tells of her medical problems.

Pope asks Addams to lead women in standing against World War I.

Sewall asks Addams to help plan a session on Child Welfare and Social Service of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of the upcoming peace conference to be held in July, discusses public sentiment on peace on the West Coast, and chides Addams for her lack of support.

Hyers replies to Ely's letter to Addams asking for more detail about her comments on the use of stimulants in trench warfare.

Mead arranges plans to meet with Addams and offers holiday greetings in a world embroiled in war.

Mead discusses tactics for the peace movement with Addams in the light of recent diplomatic developments in World War I.

Lochner invites Addams to the First American Conference for Democracy which seeks to clarify public opinion on issues related to the United States entry in World War I.

Wald writes Addams with regard to the New York branches of the Woman's Peace Party.

Le Gette suggests creating "Woodrow Wilson's Dove of Peace," as a wearable ornament to strengthen the peace movement.

Sihler praises Addams for her stance on peace and discusses her opposition to war.

Fox tells Addams about preparedness parades in Los Angeles and questions whether the organizers are profiting by the war.

Hopkins tells Addams why she is wrong, and why Germany must be defeated at this time.
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