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Catt warns Addams that Aletta Jacobs is en route to the United States and hopes that Addams can accompany her to meet President Wilson.

Parsons sends Addams materials arguing for peace and asks for her support of a Senate resolution (enclosed) to empower a Neutral Nations Conference.

Skoog criticizes Henry Ford's peace expedition and asks Addams to give him/her authority to help shape the peace efforts in Europe. .

Cripps thanks McDonald for Dulles's address and hopes that the United States can help promote peace in Europe.

Cripps tells McDonald that he believes the terms of the Versailles treaty will lead to dire economic consequences.

Gilman tells Addams about her views on peace and willingness to participate in the Congress After the War.

Macmillan sends Addams word of Aletta Jacobs' arrival in New York and suggests that Addams travel with her to meet President Wilson.

Macmillan tells Addams that the French government is raiding the offices and homes of peace activists and updates her on the English Government's stance on peace negotiations.

Macmillan updates Addams on the work of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Macmillan explains infighting among the British Committee of the International Congress of Women for a Permanent Peace and her impressions of the Dutch committee.

While in Berlin to present peace resolutions, Addams comments that though the world is war-crazy, she expects the United States to remain neutral.

Kurtz asks Addams for her opinion on developing an international federation with police powers to enforce peace treaties.

Jordan explains to Ford why he could not participate in the Ford Peace Ship expedition and advises him on a better way to work for peace.

Jordan advises Addams not to participate in the mediation efforts begun by the Ford Peace Ship expedition, instead suggesting that she form a new group that avoids publicity.

Jordan asks Addams' opinion on the premise that in order to make the peace lasting, no territorial transfers should take place that are contrary to the people's wishes.

Jordan updates Addams on his views on the Ford Peace Ship expedition and effort to negotiate an end to World War I.

Jordan tells Addams that the Ford peace work is failing and that a new more private effort might be needed.

Jordan discusses his upcoming meeting with Woodrow Wilson and a meeting with Edward House.

Jacobs lists the diplomatic meetings held by members of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams tells Shelley that she does not feel that she can contribute a statement on mediation for the American Neutral Conference Committee.

Karstens relays Addams' sympathy on the death of Taussig's father and discusses steps to be taken for the peace movement.

Karsten tells Wales that Addams wants to follow up on a suggestion she made concerning Wilson's Fourteen Points.

Karsten sends Norton peace literature and discusses news coverage.

Karsten tells Shelley that Addams is encouraged by discussions of peace talks.

Karsten asks the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party for opinions regarding sending delegates to a postwar conference organized by the People's Council of America for Democracy and the Terms of Peace.

Arnesen, Daugaard, and Widegren urge Addams to speak to Wilson about the upcoming peace conference.

Balch discusses her actions after meeting with President Wilson and hopes that she made the right decisions.

Balch discusses meetings with President Wilson and Colonel House and seeks to arrange a meeting with Aletta Jacobs.

Balch discusses travel plans with Addams and public opinion on peace talks.

Balch asks Addams to sign on to a telegram from the American Neutral Conference praising Woodrow Wilson's peace efforts.
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