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Addams informs Post that she will be voted on as a substitute for Andrews as a delegate to the Peace Conference.

Addams sends Balch updates for the Peace Conference and asks for her opinion.

Addams's draft of a letter she plans to send Jacobs which details several possible plans for the upcoming peace conference and asks her, along with each member of the International Board, to pick which one is best.

Arnesen, Daugaard, and Widegren urge Addams to speak to Wilson about the upcoming peace conference.

Addams tells Doty that the Hague is the best location for the Peace conference but she is still waiting to hear back from other board members.

An anonymous letter asks Addams to intervene to ensure that the British government does not starve the German people.

Conant tells Addams how shocked she is that German women have appealed to Addams to intercede in peace negotiations.

Post drafts a telegram reply for Addams to the German women's appeal for food and relief.

Clark, Montague, and Lupton oppose the German women's request as propaganda and pledge to let Wilson and the Allied Powers handle negotiations.

Clark sends Addams a telegram sent to President Wilson regarding the German women's request for help in peace negotiations.

Addams notes that she knows the German women who issued the appeal and does not believe it is a propaganda plan.

Karstens relays Addams' sympathy on the death of Taussig's father and discusses steps to be taken for the peace movement.

Addams tells Hull that she stands with him on the enclosed list of questions and notes that she has heard news of the end of the war.

Addams discusses plans for organizing the International Congress of Women to coincide with the Peace Conference, asking women if they are able to travel to Europe.

Addams discusses the impact of the armistice with Taussig and is willing to go to Washington to respond quickly to events.

Hull sent Addams a survey on her views on the annexation of territories.

Addams suggests that the Woman's Peace Party's International Committee of Thirty Five hold a meeting in December.

Mead updates Karsten on her plans for summer and a Woman's Peace Party director's meeting.
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Addams discusses the the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War using Tolstoy's theories, and argues that Russia represents an effort to end rather than start wars.
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Addams discusses the the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War using Tolstoy's theories, and argues that Russia represents an effort to end rather than start wars.

Post suggests to Addams that the Woman's Peace Party board meeting be postponed until December.

Gilman tells Addams about her views on peace and willingness to participate in the Congress After the War.

Karsten asks the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party for opinions regarding sending delegates to a postwar conference organized by the People's Council of America for Democracy and the Terms of Peace.

Karsten tells Wales that Addams wants to follow up on a suggestion she made concerning Wilson's Fourteen Points.

Post writes Spencer about the fallout from an controversial interview given by Robert LaFollette, Jr. which charged that George Creel was arranging peace speakers to appear for government programs.

Mead sends Addams a Crystal Eastman's letter regarding the New York situation for discussion at the Woman's Peace Party board meeting.

Minthorn asks Addams if the conscription law excludes Quakers and suggests a plan to bring about peace.

Balch updates Addams on the activities of the American Union Against Militarism and the People's Council.

Karsten sends Norton peace literature and discusses news coverage.

Mead discusses tactics for the peace movement with Addams in the light of recent diplomatic developments in World War I.
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