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Yeomans tells Addams about conditions in Europe and the relief work he is doing.

Pierce sends Addams information regarding locating and photographing the graves of American soldiers in France.

Rolland calls upon the people of all nations to unite now that World War I has ended and throw off nationalism in favor of working for humanity.

Addams explains the travel restriction that limit the number of American delegates to the International Congress of Women and asks who will be able to make the trip.

Addams explores the role that American women will have in rebuilding the world and the economy.

Alice Hamilton writes to her family of her travels with Jane Addams in France through devastated areas affected by World War I.

Addams sends Hulbert a postcard showing the devastation of France after World War I.

Addams describes the trip she took to locate Hulbert's brother's grave in France.

Barbusse announces the creation of Clarté, a group of writers and artists, seeking political and social change.

Hamilton tells Smith all about the delegates and atmosphere of the International Congress of Women's opening day.
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Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Wilson states to Addams that difficulties prevent a promising outlook at the Paris Peace Conference.

Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Hanfstaengl writes to Addams regarding the Woman's Congress meeting in Zurich.

Hamilton tells Smith about her visit in England and her hopes to meet up with Addams in London.

Wood tells Addams about conditions in Germany and hopes to see her before she heads back to America.

Hamilton tells Smith about her travels with Addams, makes comments on their companions, and their plans to go to Germany.

The Comité protests the exclusion of Germany from the League of Nations and protests the Versailles Treaty as unfair and seeks to replace it with one designed to keep the peace.

Balch updates Addams on remaining costs from the Congress and discusses the need for child welfare in Hungary.

The Swiss Red Cross reports on the deaths of children in the City Children's Asylum and White Cross Hospitals in Budapest.

The Committee announces it formation and seeks to gather opinions about the resumption of international relations.

The Society reports on the impact of the war on deep-sea fishing in Geestemunde.

Addams and Hamilton detail in full their trip to countries once in the Central Powers for the Society of Friends, on the matter of food and relief distribution.

Addams and Hamilton detail their trip to Germany to see conditions for child welfare after World War I.

Addams provides a brief statement on her tour of German child welfare conditions.