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Balch updates Hertzka on plans for the International Congress of Women and WILPF Summer School for 1921.

Balch sends Hertzka summaries of opinions on the International Congress of Women and the WILPF Summer School for 1921.

Balch asks Courtney to organize the 1921 WILPF conference and suggests that she could become temporary WILPF Secretary-Treasurer in the fall.

Balch writes a long letter to Addams, detailing her life, the WILPF office in Geneva, activities regarding prisoners of war, and international education.

Balch writes Addams about plans for the 1921 conference and summer school, WILPF's new office, and international crises.

Balch writes to Addams about the League's finances and a meeting.

Balch asks Addams if Dorothy North can attend the WILPF Executive Committee meeting as the consultative member.

Balch asks Addams to send American delegates to the International Suffrage Alliance and schedules the WILPF Executive Committee meeting.

Balch updates Addams on plans for the International Congress of Women and other WILPF activities.

In two parts, Balch asks Addams about plans for upcoming meetings in Europe and sends updates on the Canadian situation.

Balch thanks Addams for her vote and looks forward to seeing her at the WILF Executive Committee meeting.

Balch is sad that Addams cannot come to Europe but will run the meetings the best she can.

Balch asks Addams to attend a WILPF Executive Committee meeting just before WILPF's summer school in Germany.

Balch tells Addams how they are seeking to mitigate complaints in Austria about holding the Congress in a place where people are starving.

Balch asks Addams her opinion of Yella Hertzka's planned trip to the United States and holding a WILPF Executive Committee meeting.

Balch asks the Executive Committee to authorize her to pay travel expenses for committee members so that they can attend the upcoming meeting.

Balch sends Addams an outline of the topics to be discussed at the WILPF Executive Committee meeting in June.

Balch updates Addams on the status of the Summer School and the upcoming meeting of the WILPF Executive Committee.

Balch sends Addams letters regarding postponing the WILPF Summer School.

Balch tells Addams about her meetings in Czechoslovakia and plans for the upcoming WILPF conference.

Karsten discusses her resignation from the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom with Addams.

Phelps asks Addams if she can become a delegate to the International Congress of Women, representing the Women's International League.

The article describes the WILPF Summer School held in July in Salzburg.

An announcement of the Third International Congress of Women and WILPF Summer School.

Spencer writes Addams regarding various business to be discussed at the annual meeting of the American WILPF officers, the date of which has been changed.

Spencer writes to Addams regarding the recent meetings of the WILPF as well as the possible finances of the organization.

Spencer advises Addams to send strong American representative to the International Congress of Women.

Spencer tells Addams that she won't be able to attend the WILPF-US meeting in New Orleans and details her plans for the meeting and suggestions to take on the chairmanship.

Spencer tells Addams her reservations about associating relief efforts with disarmament efforts and prefers Geneva as the home for the next Congress.
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