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Addams opens the Congress, welcoming the delegates and challenging them to develop new arguments for peace to expand the movement.

Addams remarks on the success of the International Congress of Women.

Rowe congratulates Addams on her election as president of the International Congress of Women.

Heymann tells Addams that she was disappointed with the International Congress of Women and won't be attending the Summer School.

Balch sends WILPF Sections information on the events of the International Congress of Women.

Balch describes details the International Congress of Women and the WILPF International Summer School in 1921.

The United States Section of WILPF announces news on the International Congress of Women and other conferences.

Addams tells members that the manifesto presented at International Congress of Women was presented to the Washington Naval Conference as a first step on disarmament.

Thomas tells Dike that she is concerned over the plight of Austria and reports upon the International Women's Conference.

Addams discusses her impressions of Europe and the Washington Naval Conference at two speeches in St. Louis.

Gobat asks WILPF executive committee members for opinions on holding three WILPF Summer Schools for 1922.

Balch tells Addams she will attend the WILPF meeting in Washington and reports on plans to send telegrams from women all around the world.

Mead tells Addams about her activities regarding the upcoming Washington Naval Conference.

Addams tells Marshall that she will join the International Committee for Relief to Russia and promises her more news after the WILPF Mass Meeting.

Balch and Mead complain to the Washington Post about errors in its reports of the WILPF mass meeting.

Mead tells Addams about the aftermath of the WILPF mass meeting and the inaccurate coverage in the press.

Addams provides the Tribune with details of the resolutions passed at WILPF Mass Meeting and discusses the parade. The Tribune includes a quote from the statement that Addams argued was incorrect.

Balch sends Addams letters covering issues regarding the WILPF meetings and discusses her travel plans and WILPF activities.

Ames sends Landsberg an article about the Zurich conference for publication in Die Friedensbewegung (The Peace Movement).

Addams addresses the Fifth Congress of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Dublin detailing different approaches to a peaceful society that she has met around the world.
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