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Woods asks the United States Section of WILPF to approve Addams's statement regarding American-Japanese foreign policy and the pending immigration law.

Balch asks the New York Times to support efforts to have the United States postpone Austrian war debts until the country is back on its feet.

Balch discusses WILPF's stand on the need for women on the League of Nations's Mandates Commission in order to protect the interests of women.

Addams asks Mead to help with the Washington work of the United States Section of WILPF.

Addams sends Hobbs to the United States Section for WILPF's views on the National Defense Act of 1920, but notes that she personally is not in favor of peace pledges.

Brown testifies on behalf of the United States Section of WILPF for a dramatic reduction in U.S. military spending and and for universal disarmament.

Gl├╝cklich tells Addams about efforts in Europe to prepare for the International Congress of Women.

A WILPF member reports to Addams on lobbying Senator Robert Owen.
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