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Addams offers Heymann accomodations in Chicago and lecture possibilities. She notes that she keeps a strict division between the work of the United States and International WILPF efforts.

Addams invites members of the United States Section of WILPF to donate to the Hague Conference.

The Swedish Section of WILPF calls on women to use their influence for world for peace.

The Conference proposes a series of resolutions calling for revision of the peace terms of World War I.

Swanwick drafts the resolutions to be presented to the Hague Women's Conference in December, seeking to revise treaties to insure international peace and cooperation.

Muprhy details the American peace tour of Annot Robinson, Gertrude Baer, and Thérèse Pottecher-Arnould.

Addams argues that international organizations of women will avert future wars.

Malmberg asks Addams for information on the peace movement that she can use in Finland, where conditions are very bad.

Todd talks about schools, education, and visiting Addams. He also makes a donation to WILPF.

Jacobs thanks Addams for the photograph she sent and describes her recent health issues.

Jacobs tells Addams of her illness and peace activities in Holland.

WILPF Executive Committee overview of agenda for six day meeting.

Woods sends Marshal and Addams questions about the organization of the 1924 International Congress of Women.

Woods tells Addams about her views on the Lausanne Treaty protest, a conversation with Anna Spencer, and WILPF activities.

Woods discusses with Addams early plans for the International Congress of Women.

Woods sends Addams a tentative schedule for the International Congress of Women.

Woods tells Addams about differences of opinion over the theme for the International Congress of Women and efforts to secure delegates from Europe.

Woods telegraphs Addams that Cornelia Ramondt-Hirschmann is asking about supports for delegates for the International Congress of Women.

Woods writes to Addams about planning for the International Congress of Women.

Woods tells Addams about her efforts to publicize the Hague Conference and her views on the proposed resolutions.

Woods sends Addams feedback about the resolutions planned for the Hague Conference.
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Amy Woods writes to Jane Addams asking her advice on how the W.I.L.P.F. should gain finances for the December 7th Hague Conference of 1922

Woods tells Addams about plans to hold the next International Congress of Women in the United States.

Woods reports to Lewis about the WILPF Executive Committee meeting and plans for a December conference.

Augspurg and Heymann suggest the dismissal of volunteer militias, arguing that Germany should instead focus on education to restart its economy and culture.

Spencer tells Addams her reservations about associating relief efforts with disarmament efforts and prefers Geneva as the home for the next Congress.

Spencer tells Addams that she won't be able to attend the WILPF-US meeting in New Orleans and details her plans for the meeting and suggestions to take on the chairmanship.

Spencer praises Addams's book Peace and Bread in Time of War and hopes to see her in New York to discuss things.

Spencer updates Addams on staffing changes at the American WILPF section and on Fanny Villard's plan to create another women's peace organization.
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