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Addams addresses the Fifth Congress of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Dublin detailing different approaches to a peaceful society that she has met around the world.

Addams tells Hull that Madeleine Doty is concerned about WILPF finances and describes upcoming travel and plans in Haiti.

Addams urges Balch to travel to China and Japan for WILPF.
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Addams thanks Glücklich for her work and tells of efforts to start a section in Peking.

Bryan suggests to Addams that women might support a campaign to remove warlike toys from households.

McRae thanks Addams for sending the resolutions passed at the Hague Conference.

Glücklich and Karsten send Addams a form letter request for financial help for the WILPF.

An announcement of a meeting in Paris hosted by the WILPF French Section at which Addams spoke.

Addams addresses a peace meeting and argues that in order for Europe to recover economically, the peace treaty must be revised; she also argues that the United States should and will join the League of Nations.

Nichols sends Addams some contacts in Greece and Turkey.

Addams discusses the problems with the peace settlement with London reporters.

Addams sends Blaine news and documents from the Hague Conference and thanks her for her gift.

Addams tell Balch about the Peace Congress, WILPF finances and staffing, and her trip abroad.

Addams sends Woods materials from the Peace Conference (not found) and tells her of their meetings with Scandinavian leaders.

Addams asks Paige to file some papers and asks her about Hull-House.
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Addams sends Hudson the resolutions from the Hague Conference and notes that she will be meeting heads of state.
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Addams tells Barnett about plans to visit heads of state and to meet settlement delegates in England and France.

The Conference proposes a series of resolutions calling for revision of the peace terms of World War I.

Addams thanks Wald for her hospitality and described her trip to the Netherlands.

Addams tells Hudson about the conference planning work underway at The Hague.

Addams tells Ewing about her trip to Europe and the planning for the conference.

The Swedish Section of WILPF calls on women to use their influence for world for peace.

Schwimmer asks Addams about why the peace movement seems to be boycotting her.

Balch tells Addams about her ideas for the WILPF's future and staffing and discusses her travel plans.

Woods sends Addams feedback about the resolutions planned for the Hague Conference.

Addams asks Woods to send publicity regarding the Hague conference to American journals and notes that donations thus far are small.

Woods tells Addams about her efforts to publicize the Hague Conference and her views on the proposed resolutions.

Addams asks Woods to see if Lewis Gannett can help cover the Hague Conference.

Addams tells Hudson of her decision to attend the Hague Conference and discusses the League of Nations trafficking committee.
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