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Despard is sorry that she will miss Addams at the reception and public meeting on May 12.

Jordan expresses his support for Addams' trip to Holland and will hold a speaking spot for her as long as possible.

Call informs Addams that the American Peace Society cannot send a delegate to the International Congress of Women because they do not have the funds. The executive committee was also concerned that it would be a sign that the organization was supporting women suffrage.

Catt advises that Rosika Schwimmer should remain as the International Secretary of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance.

Addams defends her stance on suffrage in the Woman's Peace Party and a recent decision made by the Executive Council on allowing women to join without believing in suffrage.

Addams's secretary tells Duryea of the Woman's Peace Party Executive Council decision to change its preamble to welcome women who do not accept all of the principles of the party (the need for woman suffrage).

Cunningham, an anti-suffragist, tells Addams that she cannot support the Woman's Peace Party, but can work for Peace separately.

Duryea has found women interested in joining the Woman's Peace Party. Duryea also asks Addams to clarify statements regarding the place of anti-suffragist women in the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams tells Draper that the Executive Committee of the Woman's Peace Parry will discuss and decide about their stance on woman's suffrage at their next meeting.

Catt is returning a message to Addams, informing her of recent events.

Shaw reports that the National Association is unable take up the matter or peace, but is sending all communications to Addams as head of the peace movement in the United States.

Draper wants to know if the Florence Nightingale branch is bound to all the positions in the Woman's Peace Party platform.

FitzGerald describes a contentious meeting of the Massachusetts branch of the Woman's Peace Party over suffrage.

Royden writes Addams expressing her interest in the Woman's Peace Party and the conference held in Washington, D.C. She informs Addams of the upcoming meeting of the National Union, who will be discussing resolutions about war and peace.

Post suggests to Slayden that suffrage is required for the Woman's Peace Party to succeed.

Shaw writes Addams enclosing material (not found) and offers her service for the Peace Party.

Addams writes Rogers to clarify a misunderstanding and assert her commitment to the cause of woman suffrage.

Ayres urges Addams to reconsider her stance on the inclusion of the suffrage plank in the Woman's Peace Party platform.

Spencer writes Addams about the Woman's Peace Party and the recent conference in Washington.

Cocroft writes Addams to express her desire to aid in the suffrage movement.

Lathrop asks Addams to send her views to Washington after La Follette and Kent meet with Bryan.

Blankenburg cannot attend the peace meeting but supports the movement. She does not believe that the peace and suffrage movement should combine.

Catt apologizes to Addams because she did not know that there was another conference planned in Washington, D.C and it has caused confusion.

Schwimmer will be in New York City reporting on the peace movement and has been in contact with many of the leaders in the movement.

Bramhall discusses the activities of the local women's clubs with suffrage and peace in St. Paul.

Breckinridge cannot attend the Washington meeting; she also discusses board issues between Addams and Anna Howard Shaw at NAWSA.

Catt discusses an upcoming conference on woman suffrage and tensions in the movement regarding peace.

Catt discusses the current peace movement as "over masculine" with little interest in the point of view of women. She suggests that women organize a demonstration alone.

Breckinridge updates Addams about a convention with other members of NAWSA in great detail.

Martin apologizes for not sending payment for Addams' travel expenses and discusses likelihood of the suffrage amendment passing in Nevada.
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