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Cramton introduces three statements regarding the enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment in a House hearing on H.R. 3821.

The Congress supports H.R. 3821 which will put enforcement of prohibition under civil service.

Addams sends Detzer information on a study of military spending in Wisconsin and suggest other states look into it.

Tilton asks the public to give prohibition more than five years before deeming it a failure.

Gulick discusses Japanese-American foreign relations and how they have been impacted by the Great Kanto Earthquake and the anti-Japanese immigration laws passed in the United States.

Woods tells Speer that he considers the Japanese Exclusion Act a disaster for the United States.

Woods updates the group on the progress of having the Pan-American Committee bill introduced into the Congressional Record.

Woods updates Baber on efforts to have Senators read the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's resolutions into the Congressional Record.

Matthews sends Addams copies of Children's Bureau literature on child labor to use for her article.

Kelley gives Addams a sense of the publicity campaign to pass the Child Labor amendment.

Von Trueberg asks Addams for help in lobbying Congress to admit more immigrants from Italy, Germany and Austria.

The Children's Bureau argues for the passage of an amendment to the constitution to protect children.

Baxter sends Addams his statement opposing National Defense Day.

Catt tells Addams about the possibility of an investigation of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom for Russian ties by Congress and provides information about a similar investigation of the Women's Joint Congressional Committee, and mentions that the accusations are funded by militarists.

Colcord sens Addams his ideas on how to gather Republican support for the World Court.

A Women's International League for Peace and Freedom member reports to Addams on lobbying Senator Robert Owen.

A Women's International League for Peace and Freedom member sends Addams a draft letter (not found) to answer press criticism of the International Congress of Women.

Gulick tells Addams about the efforts of the Committee in regard to the House Immigration Bill and seeks financial support.

Balch sends Marshall her concerns about peace delegates being admitted to the United States if they have communist ties.

Snow tells Addams that it is likely that the United States will send an official observer to the League of Nations.

Mead updates Addams about her activities for peace and her husband's political views.

Addams thanks Kent for the work he is doing on resource allotment in California.

Addams tells Lewis about Jeannette Rankin's interest in working with Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Dodd suggests some ideas to Addams about a chapter of the manuscript for Peace and Bread in Time of War.