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Addams argues that Progressives should be pleased with Woodrow Wilson's track record on issues like child labor reform.

Wilmarth thanks Addams for the dedication in The Long Road of Woman's Memory, and tells her about the recent Progressive Party convention

Perkins expresses concern that newspapers are reporting that the Progressive Party is "dead and buried," and asks for Addams' views.

Kellor discusses the possible disbanding of the Progressive Service and asks Addams to give her proxy vote to Raymond Robins.

Addams reports to Kellor that discussion about the Progressive Service was postponed to the next meeting of the Progressive Party Executive Session.

Robins thanks Addams for her work in the Progressive Party during the past election.

Detrich invites Addams to come to Pennsylvania to support Gifford Pinchot's political campaign.

Ickes accepts Addams' suggestion for him to serve as a proxy for her in New York and includes instructions on how to remove Bowen's name from a ballot for a future election.

Addams has chosen Ickes to take her place in a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Progressive Party.

Addams informs Ickes that Bowen cannot run as a co-candidate in an upcoming meeting due to sudden illness.

Addams informs Ickes that Bowen is still too ill to receive any messages and she will not reconsider withdrawing from the race she was meant to participate in under the Progressive Party ticket.

Ickes informs Addams that McDowell and Purvin are running on the Progressive ticket, and to ask her to wire him Bowen's consent to run as well.

Pinchot sends Addams a confidential letter (not found) he wrote to Senator Dixon about the Progressive Party.

Ickes explains that he will look into last year's Progressive Rally at Riverview. He also apologizes to Addams for problems Alice Carpenter encountered.

Ickes writes Addams suggesting that the Non-Partisan meeting needs to be called or cancelled so that it does not embarrass the Progressive Party.

McGrath is sending Addams a letter about the elections that was sent to the State Chairmen and National Committeemen of the Progressive Party.

Perkins reports the outcomes of local and state elections, but puts a particular emphasis on the outcome of the 7th district of New Jersey.

Robins discusses matters regarding Addams' position in the Progressive Party, as well as its general condition, and wishes to continue the discussion when she is back in Chicago.

Addams informs Beveridge that she will be speaking at the Progressive Party's Lincoln's Birthday Dinner and mentions newspaper criticism for her non-partisan stance in municipal affairs.

Kellogg informs Kellor that Jane Addams has accepted three reports on Progressive Party legislative work, pending his approval, which he provides.

Lewis asks the Drafting Association to work on creating legislation for workmen's compensation.

A screed about Albert Beveridge's letter warning Progressives against turning back to old parties that calls out "traitors" to the Party.

Addams declines White's invitation to speak for the Progressive Party in Kansas.

Perkins invites Addams to speak at the Progressive Party's Lincoln Birthday dinner.

Roosevelt invites Addams to be a speaker at the Progressive Party's Lincoln Birthday dinner.

Parkinson writes Kellor about new plans due to Samuel McCune Lindsay's hospitalization.

Kellor informs the committee that she placed an employee on paid leave until a meeting can determine his ultimate fate.

Kellor sends Addams a copy of a letter she has sent to Progressive Party's Education Committee.

Minutes of a meeting of the Progressive National Service's Organization Committee of the Board of Trustees.
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