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Addams telegrams Merriam to ask the Progressive Party to support Alexander McCormick's bid for Cook Country Board.

Addams writes Robins about social workers' efforts to convince A. A. McCormick to run for president of the Cook County Board in Illinois.

Breckinridge writes to Biffar on behalf of Addams to thank him for supporting the Progressive Party.

Addams sends a telegram to Robins asking the Progressive Party to support A. A. McCormick for Country Board.

King questions Addams' support for Theodore Roosevelt and is sharply critical of his party's rejection of a strong temperance platform.
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Addams' defends Roosevelt's stance on suffrage, rebutting Ida Husted Harper's criticism of the candidate. The letter was published on August 25.
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A draft of Addams' defense of Theodore Roosevelt's stance on suffrage as given at the Progessive Party convention in rebuttal of Ida Husted Harper's sharp criticism the candidate. The letter was published on August 25.
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A draft of Addams' defense of Theodore Roosevelt's stance on suffrage rebutting Ida Husted Harper's sharp criticism the candidate. The letter was published on August 25.

Lowenstein sends Addams a summary of recent work done by the Progressive Party.

Garrison writes Addams to ensure her continued membership on the Progressive Party's Executive Committee .

Addams writes Roosevelt that she is sending him her comments on Millicent Fawcett's endorsement of the Progressive Party.

Bastian criticizes Addams for her support of Theodore Roosevelt.

Milliken sends Addams a list of the Maine State Committee of the Progressive Party.

A list of the members of the Progressive State Committee of Maine.

Munroe writes an unknown Theodore Roosevelt supporter and advises Senator Dixon, Addams, and Mr. Johnson to revoke their support of Roosevelt.

Certification of Addams' membership in the original Jane Addams Chorus.

The Declaration of Principles outlines the purpose of the Jane Addams Chorus in furthering the platform of the Progressive Party.

An announcement of the Progressive Party candidates for the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

A recommendation of Robins' credentials to be a Progressive Party member of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.
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Addams offers a biographical justification of why she has entered politics and joined the Progressive Party. The article was published in October 1912.

Colorado political activists ask Addams to urge the placement of Helen Wixon on the Progressive Party ticket for superintendent of schools in that state.

An anonymous writer gives Addams advice for the Progressive Party to win the election.

Robins discusses the success of a Progressive Party's Chicago store in spreading literature to the public and encourages the establishment of such stores in other cities as well as the formation of branches of the Jane Addams Chorus.

The Committee reaches out to social workers asking for their support of the Progressive Party.

Lyrics to "The Jane Addams Hymn," also entitled "The Song of the Child-Slaves."

Lindsey's secretary apologizes that he is away until the election and cannot assist Addams.

Robins sends Kellor an report of Chicago lectures for the Progressive Party campaign.

Jones reacts to an article that Addams sent him on the Progressive Party, focusing on her statements about African Americans and the peace movement.

Kellogg sends Addams materials regarding Progressive Party politics.
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Addams discusses working conditions for women and advocates for a minimum wage for female workers.
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