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Kellor encourages women's organizations to join the Progressive Party and to participate in the upcoming campaign.

Kellor encourages women to join the Progressive Party and to participate in the upcoming campaign.

Addams notes that Theodore Roosevelt was "wabbly" on woman's suffrage and she is not proud of her efforts in converting him to the cause.

Atchison congratulates Addams for seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt at the Progressive Party Convention and expresses her enthusiasm for the party's support of woman suffrage.

A call for women workers in the Progressive Party campaign and the suffrage movement.

The National Progressive Party plans for the involvement of women after a conference.

A reminder to register to vote and listing of candidates for the trustees of the State University, an election which Illinois women were allowed to vote. Also includes biographical information about the candidates.

A promotional postcard urging women to vote for the Progressive Party because it stands for woman suffrage.

Produced to appeal to woman voters, this Progressive Party pamphlet includes Jane Addams' nomination speech, a letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Addams, the party plank on equal suffrage, and the party's plans for democratic rule and social and industrial justice.

Coman congratulates Addams on her measured handling of the issue of woman suffrage in her speech at the Progressive Party Convention.

Roosevelt clarifies that the Progressive Party Platform is strongly in favor on woman suffrage.

Roosevelt verifies that he and the Progressive Party supports woman suffrage and asks her to make that stance known.

Addams thanks Roosevelt for his clear statement on woman suffrage.

Gordon refuses Addams' request to help the Progressive Party, because she believes Theodore Roosevelt in not genuine in his support of woman suffrage.

Taylor congratulates Addams and Theodore Roosevelt for the cause for women's suffrage.

Blatch writes Addams of her plans to arrange a speaking engagement for Theodore Roosevelt and hopes Addams will lend her help to the Women's Political Union, as well.
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Addams defends her decision to sit as a delegate at the Progressive Party convention.
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Newspaper coverage of Boardman's statement criticizing Addams for her partisan work with the Progressive Party and Addams's response.

Porter commends Addams' role with the Progressive Party and invites her to speak in California.

Gay thanks Addams for seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt and commends the Progressive Party for supporting woman suffrage.

Tokaji informs Addams that the National Roosevelt Woman's League has made her an honorary vice president.

Kellor asks for names and addresses of state and county party chairmen in an effort to engage women in Theodore Roosevelt's campaign for the presidency.
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Boies complains to Addams about the distasteful "Bull Moose Party" name for the new Progressive Party.

Kellor suggests to Bok that she should write an article about the Progressive Party platform aimed at housewives.
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Addams' defends Roosevelt's stance on suffrage, rebutting Ida Husted Harper's criticism of the candidate. The letter was published on August 25.