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A draft of Addams' defense of Theodore Roosevelt's stance on suffrage as given at the Progessive Party convention in rebuttal of Ida Husted Harper's sharp criticism the candidate. The letter was published on August 25.
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A draft of Addams' defense of Theodore Roosevelt's stance on suffrage rebutting Ida Husted Harper's sharp criticism the candidate. The letter was published on August 25.

Addams discusses a telegram sent by Millicent Garrett Fawcett to Theodore Roosevelt endorsing his candidacy, plans to publicize the endorsement and Addams's articles on Progressivism.

Kellor seeks the support of women in the Progressive Party campaign.

Kellor calls for women to join the Progressive Party.
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Addams argues for women's increased participation in politics and defends her decision to back a political party. This is one of a series of articles she prepared for the Central Press Association as part of the Progressive Party campaign in 1912.

Bok responds to Kellor's offer to write an article about the Progressive Party Platform aimed at housewives, noting that he has already spoken to Addams about an article along the same lines.

Upton is surprised that the leader of the Progressive Party is against suffrage while those who head the Republicans are for it.

FitzGerald advises Addams to help her organize better efforts to focus on the issue of suffrage.

Robins sends Addams a report of the activities of Progressive Party women.

Bass provides details about Idaho's branch of the Women's Branch of the Progressive Party.

A report of the efforts of women across the country to promote the Progressive Party in their communities.

Plummer asks Henderson to join the Progressive Party and make a speech to Chicago women on why they should join as well.

Plummer assumes that Sippy is a Progressive and asks her to speak to other women about the Progressive Party.

Kellor sends Addams a statement from Ida Harper attacking Theodore Roosevelt, and asks her to write a response.

The Committee reaches out to social workers asking for their support of the Progressive Party.

Beveridge confirms speaking dates for Addams and sends her an update on the Progressive campaign in Indiana.
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Addams discusses working conditions for women and advocates for a minimum wage for female workers.

Addams reports that she is seeing woman suffrage as a primary focus of the Progressive Party campaign efforts.

Robins announces that Mary Plummer will conduct a speaking tour on behalf of the the Progressive Party's efforts in Illinois.

Robins reports on Progressive Party activities in Illinois from October 10 to 17.

Kellor sends Addams the permanent organizational structure of the Progressive National Committee asks answers to a series of questions.

Lindsey congratulates Addams on her campaign work for the Progressive Party and expresses his disappointment for missing chances to see her.
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Addams argues that women's interests coincide with the work the Progressive Party is doing and that they should support it.

Robins send Addams a report of Progressive Party work done in Illinois between October 24 and 31.