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Todd talks about schools, education, and visiting Addams. He also makes a donation to WILPF.

Byles writes to Addams to ask for information about the Juvenile Improvement Association.

Whitman thanks Addams for the inscribed copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and reports that while she has not yet read it herself, she has heard nothing but praise from those who have.

Brenner asks Addams whether the Survey can drum up support by holding a Chicago luncheon meeting at Hull-House.

Nicholes invites Whitlock and his wife to a suffrage meeting and to stay at Hull-House when he is in Chicago.

Haldeman-Julius updates Addams on her family life, thanks her for a recent visit to Hull-House, looks forward to Addams's upcoming visit.

Lloyd sends Brenner information about a luncheon (not found) and informs her that there are no vacancies at Hull-House at present.

Lloyd invites Hudson to visit Hull-House while he is in Chicago.

Kleman asks Addams to meet with Alma Hedin when she comes to the United States.

Lindsey writes Addams regarding members of the Denver Charity Commission who are traveling in Chicago and asks her to meet them. Lindsey also reports on his successful election.

Lindsey tells Addams about a woman who would like to stay at Hull-House. He would also like to visit Addams soon.

Lindsey introduces Addams to Dr. Knapp and his wife, who will be visiting Hull-House and wish to meet her.

Lindsey sends Addams a letter of introduction for Ida Moore.

Lindsey sends a letter of introduction for James Tuthill who would like to visit Hull-House.

Whitlock declines Addams' request to lecture before a suffrage committee, but he accepts her offer to visit Hull-House.

Hutchinson praises Addams' article on the Averbuch Incident and sends his wishes to visit Hull-House.

Sheldon writes Addams about meeting with her at Hull-House to discuss her work on an article about prostitution.

Dunne offers holiday greetings and accepts Addams' invitation to visit.

Karsten sends Addams copies of recent reports. She also discusses upcoming activities, including details of the Russian Commission and Hull-House.

Karsten is looking for a pamphlet that Mead needs and will pass it along when she finds it. Karsten has also been working with several librarians who are interested in peace literature.

Karsten tells Lewis that Addams looks forward to seeing her at Hull-House.

Smith apologizes for Addams that she cannot be in Chicago when Lindsey's friend, Porter, will be visiting.

Lawrence writes Addams about her article in McClure's Magazine, offering her own thoughts on the subject prostitution and the difficulties of discussing in public such topics.

Phelps writes to tell Addams how much he enjoyed his visit to Hull-House and how he admired her.

Tweedie would like Addams to visit her in London because it has been over two years since she met with her at Hull-House.

Wells confirms Lindsey's plans for a visit to Chicago on December 15.

Lillie thanks Addams for her book, The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets, recalls street sounds she heard the night she spent at Hull-House, and says she does not prescribe to Addams' social remedies.

Manny asks Addams to spend a Saturday evening at Hull-House.
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