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Addams reports on Hull-House's facilities and social services on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, providing a sense of the costs of maintaining buildings and programs, and ending with an appeal for financial support.

Pierce praises Jane Addams on her work at Hull-House and forTwenty Years at Hull-House.

A review article that includes excerpts of Addams'Twenty Years at Hull Houseand discusses her work at Hull-House and her contributions to Chicago.

After reading Addams' "Autobiographical Notes" inThe American Magazine,Boettcher provides the German perspective on her settlement work.

Osgood apologizes to Addams for not staying in Chicago longer, but praises Hull House and the new Illinois branch of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Hutchinson praises Addams' article on the Averbuch Incident and sends his wishes to visit Hull-House.

Culver praises Addams' Charities and the Commons article and her recent speech.

Cabot writes Addams about his positive experience at Hull-House.

After reading Addams' article in Ladies' Home Journal,Pomeroy asks Addams if she would be of any use physically helping at Hull-House, because she has no money to send.

Goldner wishes to know if she can be of any help at Hull-House.

Bowen inquires about Hull-House after reading Addams' article inLadies' Home Journal.

Mowry praises Addams for her work with Hull-House after reading her article inLadies' Home Journal.

Engle praises Addams' article inLadies' Home Journal.

Addams writes to McCormick expressing her sympathy for a harmful accident McCormick was involved in.

Starr offers support in the face of press criticisms that Hull-House is too liberal in its support for freedom of thought and speech.
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