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Addams tells Thomas that she is arranging a committee meeting at Hull-House.
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In this published excerpt of a lecture given on March 25, 1902, Addams describes how Hull-House provides a cheaper form of theater entertainment for the neighborhood.
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Addams avows that there is no "blacklist" for speakers at Hull House, denying a rumor that radical thinkers were not welcome.

Breckinridge accepts Addams' invitation to a dinner at Hull-House.

Ely suggests to Addams that Professor K├╝hnemann lecture on Tolstoy at Hull-House.

Addams recalls Theodore Roosevelt's visits to Hull-House and told a story of losing her hat during one trip.

Kellogg asks Addams to help with a Chicago meeting to raise support for the Survey.

Addams recounts a story depicted in a children's play at Hull-House, which she offers as an allegory about the importance of women in society.

Smith sends Wald good wishes for her recuperation and discusses events at Hull-House and her own health.

Robins writes Addams to apologize for the newspaper reports about the Women's Trade Union League pulling their meetings from Hull-House.

Nestor listed the names of Trade Union League members and the number of meals they had at the Bowen Country Club.

Jones cannot attend a meeting with Mrs. Lawrence at Hull-House.

Addams, Bowen, and Breckinridge invite an unknown person to Hull-House for a meeting of professors and the League for the Protection of Immigrants.

Addams seeks a lecture on the Poetry of Labor or the Poetry of Revolt for Hull-House.

Addams wants to reschedule Rice's talks at Hull-House because a Socialist candidate for alderman has opened a headquarters nearby and attendance has been poor.

Addams writes Du Bois that she is happy he will visit Hull-House in September.

Addams tells Wise about the Woman's Peace Party Annual Convention and his suggestion that Wilfred Wilson Gibson visit Hull-House.

Addams invites Jones and his wife to come to Hull-House to meet Peytr Kropotkin and to hear him lecture.

Addams tells Harper that she and Rachelle Yarros will approach certain names about the League to Aid and Support Russia. She notes that there will be a Russian speaker at Hull-House and hopes to hold a meeting then.

Addams accepts Ely's suggestion to have Professor K├╝hnemann give a lecture onTolstoy at Hull-House.

Addams writes Lutkin to inform him of Frederick Deknatel's absence due to the unexpected death of his sister.

Addams invites Ewing to a Christmas concert at Hull-House.

Addams invites the Ewings and friends to the Hull-House Christmas concert.