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Barbusse announces the creation of Clarté, a group of writers and artists, seeking political and social change.

Morel claims that France is stationing black soldiers in Germany to rape and terrorize German women.

Willett demands that Colby investigate alleged atrocities committed by black French troops in Germany.

Shaw tells Willett that the stories of Black French troops in Germany have been greatly exaggerated.

Mathes sends Addams a letter sent tby Antonin Barthelemy regarding accusations about French soldiers.

A report of a soup kitchen opened in Dusseldorf, Germany by the French Army to meet the needs of the German people.

Muprhy details the American peace tour of Annot Robinson, Gertrud Baer, and Thérèse Pottecher-Arnould.

Maynard writes Addams about her experience hosting French delegates, life without her husband, and fond memories of Chicago, prompted by her reading of Edna Ferber's So Big, a novel set in a suburb of the city.
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Percin discusses the importance of education about peace to contrast warmongering.