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Addams relays the food and medical crisis effecting postwar Europe to a audience of medical experts.
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Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Addams discusses the way Americans should view immigrants and European relief efforts.

The Russian Patriarch, Tikhon, pleads with the American people to help feed their children.

Roth seeks Addams's support for starting food relief for Germany at once.

Wood tells Addams about conditions in Germany and hopes to see her before she heads back to America.

Merriman thanks Addams for the Fight the Famine pamphlets.
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In this speech, Addams tells the alumnae of the University of Michigan at the Chicago College club, how they can help with the food shortage crisis by conserving food and understanding the production of food.

Eastman asks Addams if the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party can respond with sympathy to the German women's appeal.

Jordan asks Addams for copies of her interviews with European leaders.

Abderhalden asks Wells for help funding a plan to feed starving German children.

Balch sends Addams an appeal for food relief for Germany and Austria.

Balch updates Addams on remaining costs from the Congress and discusses the need for child welfare in Hungary.

Balch sends Addams a copy of the report she is sending to the London Economic Conference.

Balch sends Addams information about the milk shortage in Europe.

Leaf asks Addams to help distribute pamphlets to arouse public opinion about starvation in Germany.

Excerpt from a news report about anticipated food shortages in Europe.

Villard sends Addams a message from a German woman and asks her to write a leaflet for the Women's Peace Society.
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Addams argues that international organizations should include humanitarian goals as well as political ones in order to win public support. This was also given as a speech to the Labor Forum in Detroit on November 28.
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Addams explores how women's clubs can help conserve food and become more active in helping the starving people of the world.

Receipts for food drafts sent by Addams to Vienna and Berlin.

The paper reports on discussions of milk shortage and child welfare in Germany held at the Paris Peace Conference.
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