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Hamilton tells Smith about her visit in England and her hopes to meet up with Addams in London.

The authors report on a fact-finding trip organized by the Women's International League to report on condition in Ireland during its war of independence.

Unwin sends Addams materials on the Irish Civil War and urges the American Commission to send people to investigate.

Smedley reviews Ellen La Motte's The Opium Monopoly, a scathing condemnation of British imperialism.

The article describes the purpose and membership of the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Advertisement for a meeting of the National Campaign on Reprisals and Irish Peace.

Craigie tells Wood that the British Government will not participate in the work of the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Barnett tells Addams that she will try to meet with her when she lands in England in June and wants to talk about the Ireland situation.

Addams, commenting on the Anglo-Irish peace negotiations, says that women are better at reconciliation than men.

Robinson tells Addams that she is safely returned to England and discusses future plans.
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