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Smith urges McCormick to cast a vote to defeat George Duddleston's candidacy for president of the Chicago Board of Education.

Addams discusses Landsberg's taking a secretarial position, and Landsberg's desire to teach.

Addams considers teaching a summer session at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, but fears that she will not have enough material.

Ely sends Addams additional information about the summer session at the University of Wisconsin.

Ely asks Addams to provide a description of her course on Newer Ideals of Peace for Wisconsin's summer program.

Addams encloses a description of her summer course (not found) at the University of Wisconsin.

Haley wishes to imbue to Addams that she is passionate about the plight of the public school and that she wishes to do everything she can to save this last piece of democracy she sees.

Sullivan writes Addams to explain that the structure of the kindergarten teachers may need to be changed.

Larson reports on kindergarten membership over the months of 1905.

Scott's Committee on Observation on Limited Segregation reports to the Chicago Board of Education that educating boys and girls in the same manner does not appear to be the best policy, and requests time for continued study.

Sidwell writes to Addams concerning her house, worth $3,000, being placed into her will under Addams' name, asking that the money used to help girls receive a college education.

Robins commits $20,000 of her father's fortune to helping remedy the issue of public schools.
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Robins commits $20,000 of her father's fortune to helping remedy the issue of public schools.

Addams regrets that she cannot accept a dinner invitation because of a prior commitment with the School Management Committee.

Deknatel writes that Addams has been working so hard for the Board of Education that she has been unable to take outside lectures, she will, if possible, make an exception for Rockford College.

Addams regrets that the pressure of work from chairing the School Management Committee makes it impossible for her to lecture in the East this winter.

Mahany writes Addams about janitorial conditions at the Kershaw School.

Diall requests slides for an upcoming series of lectures in Terre Haute, Indiana, about what schools in other states are doing.

George H. Mead's address to the Board of Education, discussing education as a social process.

On behalf of Addams, Lucas writes to Dewey with regrets that Chicago Board of Education meetings will keep Addams from visiting Smith in Lake Placid, New York.

Lindsey writes Addams to introduce her to Dr. P. V. Carlin.

Addams writes to Haldeman about her upcoming speaking engagements.

Addams writes King, hoping to be released from her obligation to lecture at the Religious Education Association and promising to speak at Oberlin next year instead.

Addams expands on the cultural values taught in industrial education and training.

Addams writes Coman that Nettie McCormick will meet them but is unlikely to pledge funds for her school.

Gompers reports to Addams that the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor has agreed to endorse the raising of industrial education and the teaching of improved techniques.

Linn praises Addams on her article on the Averbuch Incident and discusses his decision to return to the University of Chicago to teach.
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Speaking to the National Education Association meeting, Addams discusses her thoughts on educating mentally, morally or physically "deficient" children.

Stewart complains of the poor state of education and asks Addams for a copy of her address to the National Educational Association.

Thomas asks Addams to reconsider participating in the Equal Suffrage Council of College Women meeting to be held in Buffalo, New York.
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