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Scott's Committee on Observation on Limited Segregation reports to the Chicago Board of Education that educating boys and girls in the same manner does not appear to be the best policy, and requests time for continued study.

Lose writes Addams with ideas about how the minimum wage and moral teaching can save women from a life of prostitution.
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Addams' Presidential Address at the National Conference on Charities and Correction, held in St. Louis on May 19-26. Addams reviews the history of charity work and the challenges ahead. She gives examples from her experiences at Hull-House and…

Addams spoke at a memorial meeting for Iroquois Theater fire victims, organized by the Chicago Teacher's Federation, about the dangers of overlooking violations in fear of being seen as bad people.
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Speaking to the National Education Association meeting, Addams discusses her thoughts on educating mentally, morally or physically "deficient" children.

Hill asks Addams to pass along a photograph of Friends Academy's students to Anita Blaine in the hopes of securing her support.
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Addams describes the current moral situation of American youth as a result of the current education and religious situations. This speech was also given before the Chicago Sinai congregation.

Stewart complains of the poor state of education and asks Addams for a copy of her address to the National Educational Association.

Addams sends Blaine a request from Catherine Miles Hall, who is seeking funding for her school in Indiana.

Thomas writes Addams about her upcoming trip to Philadelphia to deliver the commencement address at Bryn Mawr College.
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Addams asks Skiff if the Field Museum might donate a collection of medieval textiles to the Hull-House Labor Museum.

Addams thanks Breckinridge for sending her a report on education, encloses a letter about the issues of rural education, and notes that she has lost faith in her writing project.

Herbst praises Addams' series of articles in McClure's Magazineand shares some of his own opinions on the subject of sex.

Metcalfe writes Addams about his thoughts on sex education and pamphlets he uses in his work.

Flower commends Addams for addressing the issues of white slavery in her November McClure's article.

Lindsey sends Addams a letter of introduction for Ida Moore.

Bowerman congratulates Addams for tackling the difficult issue of white slavery in her series in McClure's Magazine, and he asks for her advice about literature librarians could provide to patrons to educate without offending them.

Morrell invites Addams to join the board of the American Bureau of Personal and Vocational Psychology.

Trice asks Addams to lend her support to the Lincoln-Trice Normal and Industrial Institute for Colored Men and Women.

Strong requests an article from Addams on women's suffrage for use in Sunday school classes.

Young thanks Addams for sending a copy ofTwenty Years at Hull Houseand expresses her disappointment in in missing her speech to the Fortnightly Club.

Gompers reports to Addams that the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor has agreed to endorse the raising of industrial education and the teaching of improved techniques.

Addams writes Coman that Nettie McCormick will meet them but is unlikely to pledge funds for her school.

Lindsey writes Addams to introduce her to Dr. P. V. Carlin.

On behalf of Addams, Lucas writes to Dewey with regrets that Chicago Board of Education meetings will keep Addams from visiting Smith in Lake Placid, New York.

Thomas thanks Addams for information regarding the Chicago Board of Education.

Addams declines Krauskopf's offer to attend the exercises of the National Farm School in Pennsylvania.

Halsey writes Breckinridge that he has sent her circular to his daughter and to his students.

Murphy asks Addams to set up a Children of the Republic club at Hull House to teach patriotism and citizenship to boys.

George H. Mead's address to the Board of Education, discussing education as a social process.
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