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Schmidt updates Addams on the status of raising relief funds for Germany in Chicago.

Addams advises Thomas on how to improve fundraising for German relief in Chicago.

Addams praises Wilmarth's impact on women's organizations, reform, settlements, and progressive politics in Chicago.

Addams writes to Hudson about a manuscript, mentioning an acquaintance who started a lodging house for Hungarian girls.

Karsten thanks Cook for the dinners that the Francis W. Parker School sent to Hull-House.

Karsten thanks Cooke for the dinners provided by the Francis W. Parker School.

Taylor explains the work of his settlement residents and why his most recent concern is about the day nurseries.

Stewart updates Addams on the recent endorsement of the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Tufts asks Addams to solicit funds for the Illinois Committee on Social Legislation from her contacts.

Addams and Bowen suggest a plan for a memorial foundation for Henry B. Favill that would help prevent social diseases.

Addams congratulates Taylor on raising an endowment for the Chicago Commons.

Schwabacher writes to Addams regarding an amount left to Addams and Hull House in her husband's will.

Addams has filled out an Application for Endorsement for the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Addams asks Evans to forward Oswald Garrison Villard's letter to Anita McCormick Blaine.

Villard seeks Addams' help in requesting a donation from Anita McCormick Blaine.

Blaine encloses correspondence between her and Louise Bowen about a miscommunication about her financial support for Hull-House.

Bowen asks Blaine for a donation to Hull-House endowment that she promised some years back.

Addams introduces Blaine to Mrs. Estill, who has recently opened a Working Girls' Home in Chicago.

Ware asks Addams for advice for a fundraising visit to Chicago to benefit Atlanta University.

Addams and others ask Brown for a donation to the American Association for Labor Legislation.

La Follette asks Addams to confirm that the Phyllis Wheatley Home in Chicago is a "worthy organization."

Taylor details the financial happenings and successful Christmas party in the Chicago Commons, as well as future plans for renovation.
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Addams introduces Graham Taylor's collection of essay, providing biographical information on Taylor, and praising his work.
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Addams defends her involvement in partisan politics and argues that philanthropy and politics must often be partners in charting a better future for families and for communities. This is the first article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and a woman's roles in affecting change.
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Addams discusses how philanthropic activities become political activities, citing instances from her own work in Chicago.
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Addams introduces and summarizes the content of Graham Taylor's book, provides some biographical information on Taylor, and praises the work.

Breckinridge writes Shankle that the Chicago community is already devoting funds to other educational projects and cannot support Shankle's request for funds at this time.
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Addams discusses how philanthropic activities become political activities, citing instances from her own work in Chicago.
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