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Addams discusses the problems that charity workers face when they bring middle-class assumptions about the poor to their efforts to practically help them.

Addams provides Bentley with an update on the work of the Investigating Committee of the City Homes Association.

Addams holds that charitable work enables a better understanding of the poor, at a meeting of the Illinois Board of Charities and the Men's Club of the Fourth Presbyterian Church.

Addams invites Blaine to lead the Consumers League.

Addams writes Kelley about a child labor bibliography, work with charities, and Margaret Kelley's injury playing basketball.

Addams invites Blaine to a private meeting of nurses, settlement folk and members of the Board of Charities to discuss the Board of Health's clinical service trial.

Newspaper account of Addams' statement on raising of women's clubs funds to support child care for widows attending school.

Addams addresses the Second Congressional District of Illinois asks Chicago woman's clubs to establish a scholarship for children of widows.

Addams speaks about women reformers' duty to treat the unfortunate with compassion and not contempt.

Peemoller requests a scholarship for Ferdinand Pankonin and explains the family's poverty and need.

Ely asks for advice on approaching Helen Culver for funding for his investigation of Industrial Democracy.

Addams discusses possible sources of funding for Ely's study.

Ely discusses several possibilities for funding his study and asks Addams for help.

Addams discusses arranging visits with Emil Hirsch and Stanley McCormick when Ely is in town.

Addams encloses Stanley McCormick's positive response (not found) to Ely's proposal.

Addams argues the lower class can only be raised up if everyone in the community takes a interest in their plight. The article appeared in multiple newspapers.

Ely asks Addams for any information about an introduction to Stanley McCormick and for advice on whether he should approach Mrs. Lloyd.

Addams reports that she was not able to secure a meeting for Ely with Stanley McCormick and encloses a telegram from him.

McCormick agrees to join the National Child-Labor Committee and explains that he has not made a decision yet about Richard T. Ely's request.

Addams congratulates Ely on news from Stanley McCormick, remarks that she has been ill, and discusses her upcoming trip.

Ely reassures Addams that there is no worry over the newspaper article and asks her about donors to a fund.

Ely asks Addams for help in securing support from Helen Culver for his investigation.

Addams forwards copies of the financial appeal for the Municipal Museum to Blaine.

Salter reminds Addams that she promised to help him approach Anita Blaine for funding for his settlement.

Addams apologizes for her delay in securing names of Chicago businessmen interested in working with the International Peace Conference.