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Addams discusses early efforts for civic reform and housing in a speech to the Woman's City Club.

Addams discusses the importance of social work to the health of a community in an address to the National Federation of Settlements in Cleveland.

Addams discusses the motto of the Chicago Woman's Club and its history of social reform for its Golden Jubilee at the Congress Hotel.

Addams describes the history of the Chicago Woman's Club and the future of social reform.

Addams talks about Philadelphia's role in the history of charitable organization.

Kellogg tells Addams of a lecture series and asks her opinion on why social pioneering has failed.
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Addams talks about the economic impact of war and preparedness on the budget and how social programs could be expanded with disarmament.

Addams speaks informally to the Women's City Club about welfare work and the Russian famine.

Addams asks Kennedy to contact Henrietta Barnett and discusses committee work for the National Conference of Social Work.

Addams invites Balch to visit her in Bar Harbor and to the Conference of Social Work in Toronto.

Addams discusses the value of social work at a mass meeting held at the National Conference of Social Work in Cleveland.

Addams discusses the way Americans should view immigrants and European relief efforts.

Addams argues that the impact of Prohibition in the slums has been positive thus far.

Addams discusses the need to understand the poor in order to solve the problems of poverty.

Addams sends Karpf a letter from Amelia Sears that responds to a proposal by the American Association of Social Work.

Addams tells Lovett about her travels in India and her impressions of Gandhi's compound.

Abbott writes to Addams about the upcoming National Conference for Social Work election.

Taylor implores Addams to run for the presidency of the National Conference of Social Work.

Addams withdraws from consideration for president of the National Conference of Social Work.

Addams discusses suffrage and social work in Asia. This speech was given at the National Conference of Social Work in Toronto.
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Addams discusses the problems that charity workers face when they bring middle-class assumptions about the poor to their efforts to practically help them.

Addams discusses efforts made to reach the needy through settlement work. She delivered this speech at the annual meeting of the Associated Charities.

Addams discusses the settlement house's role as a charity and the means by which it appeals to the poor. She spoke at the Decatur Chautauqua.
School Halls to be Social Centers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Feb. 24, 1902, p. 3..jpg

Addams discusses the role of neighborhood centers can play in fostering community.

Addams reports on efforts of women in creating exhibits that discussed social economy compared to the Paris Exhibition in 1900.