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Addams invites Park to the WILPF's emergency conference to be held in the Hague.

Dennis thanks Addams for helping secure quality applicants for a peace prize.

Addams tells Bunker that she can appear at his Pan-Pacific Union meeting but can only say a few words. She also indicates that she want no large reception on her arrival in Hawaii.

Kellogg asks Addams her opinion of the Golden Rule Magazine.

Bunker offers Addams her assistance while she is in Korea.

Coleman invites Addams to stay with her during her visit to Hawaii and recommends some sites to visit.

Paxton invites Addams to join the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference and do something practical to promote worldwide peace.

Zichy asks Addams to visit her while she is recuperating from illness at Semmering.

Kellogg asks Addams for an article about the WILPF Summer School and pleads for an article from her for the Survey's tenth anniversary issue.

James asks for Addams's endorsement of Robert La Follette, a Progressive Party candidate for President.

Spiller invites Addams and the WILPF to participate in a World Campaign to End War to prevent another world war.

Addams asks Robins for donations to send children to the Bowen Country Club.
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Addams tells Kellogg that she will try to send him a write up on the Pax Special but will be at a social work conference.

Addams tells Abbott that she agrees with using Hull House Maps and Papers in a presentation.

Kawai asks Addams whether a second delegate from Japan can attend the International Congress of Women.

Gulick tells Addams about the efforts of the Committee in regard to the House Immigration Bill and seeks financial support.

Thomas asks Addams for an article about better understanding between the races for a publication that he wants to send to Germany.

Catt asks Addams for information so that she can publish a defense of peace activists vilified by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

MacDonald asks Addams to host his son Malcolm during his visit to the United States.

Kellogg invites Addams to a meeting of the board of the Survey Associates.

Woods updates Addams on her activities for the United States Section of WILPF and suggests developing a series of publications on various topics related to peace.

Woods asks Addams for her opinion on WILPF board meeting dates, and other WILPF activities.

Kelley asks Addams to write an article to help a push to ratify the Child Labor Amendment.

Woods asks Addams about whether the United States Section of WILPF should use revenues from pamphlet sales to fund the printing of more pamphlets.

Addams tells La Follette that she knows the women La Follette is trying to reach and would prefer to talk to them directly about the campaign than to write them.

Addams tells Jonas that she had forwarded her letter regarding speakers to the WILPF office.

Widegren suggests to Addams that International branches of the WILPF could work with immigrant communities in the United States to drum up support for peace.

Lamprecht de Petschenko asks Addams to help raise money to keep the Russian Pedagogium afloat.

Addams tells Schwimmer she will send word on her lectures on to William Feakins and the Washington office.
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