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Jacobs and Manus ask Addams for her opinion about the peace plan proposed by Germany.

Jacobs and Manus inform Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's office is nearly out of funds and that they have not received any of Addams's communications.

Jacobs hopes that Addams is getting better and will be able to preside over an April meeting of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Jacobs asks Addams if the American delegates will be able to obtain passports for May.

Jacobs writes to Addams of a meeting location change.

Jacobs urges Addams to attend the Hague Conference and use her influence to help the situation in Europe.

Jacobs, Macmillan, and Manus write to Addams to congratulate her on Ford's gift as well as to request her presence at a meeting in Amsterdam, stating that they may postpone it if necessary.

Jacobs, et. al. invite Addams to a meeting of the International Women's Congress to be held in April at the Hague.

McCormick asks Addams to intervene on his behalf in opposition to a third ticket in the upcoming election.

McCormick asks Addams to intervene on his behalf in opposition to a third ticket in the upcoming election.

Anthony requests that Addams send him copies of "A Way to Permanent Peace" to be freely distributed.

Byles writes to Addams to ask for information about the Juvenile Improvement Association.

Morrison invites Addams to speak at his church while she visits her sister in Girard.

Talbot explains the hard times that have befallen his friend Ellen Roche and her son, Percy, and asks that they be given help.

Simons asks Addams to send him a photograph of herself to run alongside some of her writings that he will be publishing in his new socialist paper.

Kirk sends Addams information about the International Peace Forum's activities in Cleveland and asks her to join its board.

Hamilton writes Addams hoping to conceive her to run for president of a committee.

Hamilton discusses her feelings about the International Congress of Woman and the peace work that followed.

Kauser updates Addams on efforts to repatriate prisoners of war still held in Siberia.

Van Pelt writes to Addams to request that she be given an opportunity to contribute to Ford's Peace Conference.

Laing sends Addams her card and asks for her assistance in finding employment.

Whitman thanks Addams for the inscribed copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and reports that while she has not yet read it herself, she has heard nothing but praise from those who have.

Douglas requests materials on the Woman's Peace Party for distribution at Maine events.

Norton directs Knüsten to May Sewall of the International Conference of Women Workers to Promote Peace and clarifies that the Woman's Peace Party is a separate organization.

Norton replies to Butler's request for information on a recent peace meeting.

Addams' secretary sends Moore materials on peace and promises to bring her letter to Addams' attention on her return from Europe.

Norton writes on Addams' behalf that she will not be able to speak at the General Federation of Women's Clubs meeting in Portland.

Norton promises to send Addams the table of contents that Hallowes sent and provides advice on locating a publisher.

Norton informs Addams to affairs going on in the office concerning the play, Trojan Women, including an issue involving a child actor.
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