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Catt asks Addams for information so that she can publish a defense of peace activists vilified by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Merriam asks Addams to help a doctoral student write a thesis on her personality and career.

Addams tells Blackwell that she is unable to join a movement in support of Mohandas Gandhi until she is able to study the issue.

Mead asks Addams's opinion of asking Gertrud Baer to lecture for the World Peace Foundation, despite the fact that she is a Jew and a socialist.

Sister Maria requests "Twenty Years at Hull House" from Jane Addams and lauds the effect it has had with the students she's interacted with as a nun.
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Kellogg introduces Addams to Rose Goodman who is seeking a job in Chicago.

Eberman asks Addams to help support the campaign for a World Flag.

Odell asks Addams to intervene with Maud Park to allow the WILPF's international visitors to address the League of Women Voters Convention.

Stuart asks Addams to subscribe to a newspaper clipping service for Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Mead tells Addams about the feelings of the United States Section of WILPF and hopes for guidance on next steps.

Bose thanks Addams for her photograph and asks her opinion on Gandhi.

Culver thanks Addams for sending her Peace and Bread in Time of War and hopes to see her soon.

Addams wishes Culver a happy birthday and regrets that she cannot make it to Sarasota to visit her.

Robinson tells Addams of her plans to lecture in the United States.

Lewis tells Addams about politics in the WILPF, Herbert Hoover's efforts to assist with Russian relief, and her family.

Jordan asks Addams to send a copy of Peace and Bread in Time of War to Theodore Ruyssen for review.

Balch asks Addams if the WILPF should use Helena Swanwick's revised draft of a circular on the Powers at the Genoa meeting.

Villard thanks Addams for sending letters of introduction to Hungarian leaders.
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Schwimmer tells Addams that plans to review Peace and Bread in Time of War when she receives it.

Addams tells Browne stories about John Altgeld for a biography he is writing.

Villard tells Lloyd he will be happy for any introductions that Addams can make for his upcoming trip to Czechoslovakia.

Balch asks Addams for her opinion on a plan to send a circular letter to the Genoa Conference.

Addams tells Odell her preferences for a WILPF meeting and updates her on other conferences.

Odell asks Addams about whether she will attend upcoming meetings and asks her to nominate a WILPF committee on Pan-American relations.

Landsberg tells Addams that an exiled German woman who appealed to WILPF for aid does not deserve the help.

Addams tells Odell she was invited to speak at the League of Women Voters for the WILPF and wants to ensure that the US Section wants her to do this.

Balch asks Addams for advice on helping Vilma Gl├╝cklich.

Croly thanks Addams for joining the New Republic's contributing editors.

Addams tells Abbott that she might be able to arrange lectures for Samuel Ratcliffe in March and invites her to dine with Manley Hudson at Hull-House.
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