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Wilson tells Addams he is willing to consider any peace plan she sends in writing, but cannot meet with her due to the number of similar requests.

William provides Addams contact information for Dr. G. B. Clark.

Loebs informs Addams that President Roosevelt was obliged for her letter and plans to put her recommendation in his message.

Taft tells Addams that he cannot attend the Juvenile Court anniversary dinner.

Byron sends Thomas checks for the German relief fund and asks about the distribution of pamphlets.

Borah tells Addams that he would like to speak at the International Congress of Women but cannot give a definite answer because of the Senate situation.

Howells discusses the poetry of Scharmel Iris.

Addams wrote Rosenwald requesting him to donate additional funds to the National Child Labor Committee but Graves would like additional financial information on the Committee before he recommends that Rosenwald make a larger donation.

Graves tells Addams that Sears, Roebuck and Company will donate beds and chairs for the Boys Barracks at the Bowen Country Club.

Graves tells Addams that Julius Rosenwald will not donate towards building a new building at the Bowen Country Club, but he will seek donations of furnishings from manufacturers.

Feakins tells Beth that Addams asked him to represent her on her upcoming speaking tour and asks for press material.

Feakins thanks Addams for setting him up to represent Marianne Beth on her American lecture tour.

Maddox thanks Addams for sending Benjamin Stolberg to meet him, but cannot find him work in mid-semester.

Maddox tells Addams that Rockford College would welcome Emily Greene Balch's library, which could become part of the Jane Addams Collection.

Orr sends Addams contact information.

Thomas tells Jennison that duty must be paid on imported embroidery, even for charitable purposes.

Thomas tells Addams that the London Friends have decided to sever ties with Fridtjof Nansen's organization.

Conklin telegrams Addams to let her know that Wald was in Boston, and did not get Addams' letter.

Glücklich writes Addams about her plans to remain in Budapest until August.

Vilma Glücklich writes to Jane Addams informing her that she has been following Addams's instructions, but questions what Addams disproved of and how she could have fixed it. Glücklich also discusses miscommunication over finances.

Crowell grants Addams permission to reprint her two chapters from Philanthropy and Social Progress in her new book as long as she includes proper citation.

Roosevelt declines Addams' invitation to speak at the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit.

Dreiser informs West that he will agree to publish Addams' article at the price she asks.
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Addams argues for the right to petition in regard to the Fred Guelzow murder case and the death sentences of the four defendants. She is particularly adamant on behalf of the minor defendant.
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Addams writes contact information on Moore's calling card.