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Addams sends Osgood a program from the Congress of the International Council of Women and praises the German participants.

Addams writes Smith about the end of the National Conference on Charities and Corrections in St. Louis and sends an update on her health and travel plans.

Morrell invites Addams to join the board of the American Bureau of Personal and Vocational Psychology.

Addams accepts the position of Vice President of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Speranza sends Addams the subcommittee assignments for the work of the Committee on Crime and Immigration.

Speranza's assignments of Committee on Crime and Immigration members into subcommittees.

Addams requests a membership in the National Council for Arbitration and Peace.

La Follette asks Addams whether or not she knew that the After School Club was a business enterprise and not a charitable one.

Myers invites Addams to join the Advisory Council of the Educational Aid Society.

Addams expresses her concern to La Follette that the After School Club is not a charity.

Harrison sends Addams an annual report of the Russell Sage Foundation.

Addams provides McCulloch with the details of her upcoming schedule in an attempt to arrange a meeting with her.

Addams accepts her reelection as a member of the Board of Managers for the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education.

Reisner writes Cheney about the time of the next meeting of Board of Managers of the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education. Addams received a copy of this letter.

Kellogg asks for Addams' signature on a petition in response to the Los Angeles Times bombing. A portion of the letter is missing.

Addams sends McCulloch some letters and suggests a meeting to discuss plans for the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association in Milwaukee.

Andrews informs Addams that she has been elected to a committee of the American Association for Labor Legislation, which will form the American Section of the International Association on Unemployment.

Addams invites Blaine to a meeting with Mary Ovington to help plan the conference for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Addams sends her regrets to Andrews that she cannot become a contributing member to the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Taylor asks Addams to be present at an upcoming meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Commons Association.

Addams writes La Follette about an amendment that passed the Executive Board of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Taylor laments the absence of several members at the recent meeting of the Chicago Commons' Board of Trustees and proposes an idea to have just two meetings each year.

Addams thanks Mackay for her previous letter and reports that she has forwarded it on to the Secretary of the Illinois Child Labor Committee.

Breckinridge writes Addams about meeting times in Philadelphia and Washington and mentions a report from the Bureau of Labor that she sent to Addams.

Addams discusses plans to visit Haldeman in Philadelphia to see her perform in Ben Hur.

Addams asks Laidlaw to bring to the next meeting ideas for improving the nomination and election process for the National Woman Suffrage Association.

Addams and Rosenwald write Wald that they believe Julia Lathrop is the best candidate for appointment as head of the United States Children's Bureau.

Addams writes Wald about her preference for Julia Lathrop to become the head of the United States Children's Bureau.

Addams invites members of the National American Woman Association to take a special train to Springfield to address the Illinois State Republican Convention.

Breckinridge writes Addams about some political intrigue related to the Mississippi Valley Conference .
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