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Thomas mails Addams several reports and lists the parts of the Annul Report that are being compiled. Thomas also asks Addams not to dismiss her, after she made a serious error.
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Addams speaks to the Second Pan American Scientific Congress Conference about the benefits of internationalism, a coming together of peoples from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Noyes invites Addams to speak on peace in St. Paul.

Hyers notes that Addams is unable to make the invitation to speak at Drake University, and suggested that Harriet Park Thomas could serve as a replacement.

Hyers sends Graves a copy of Addams' report on the Hague Congress as well as her peace speech in New York.

Stapleton invites Addams to speak on Peace for his church's Woman's Association.

Bradley invites Addams to speak at the Michigan State Convention of the Equal Suffrage Association.

Addams informs Lochner that her health has not improved and she will no longer be able to speak. Schwimmer is recommended to replace her.

Sewall asks for a copy of Addams' lecture at Carnegie Hall as Addams is too unwell to send it herself.

Addams tells Van Winkle that she cannot speak for the League of Women Voters in October.

Lewis asks Addams to visit the Cincinnati branch of the Woman's Peace Party in the fall.

Addams discusses her claim that European soldiers are given alcohol and drugs before being asked to charge. The speech was given to the Chautauqua Assembly.

Addams gives Haldeman her schedule and hopes to see her in Boston and Bar Harbor.

Addams apologizes for being unable to accept a speaking date in October for the New Jersey League of Women Voters.

Addams updates Wald on her travel plans in Boston and Bar Harbor.

Addams updates Balch on her travel plans in Boston and Bar Harbor and hope to see her.

Addams tries to arrange a September speaking engagement for peace to coincide with her appearance at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.
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Addams reports the efforts of the International Congress of Women, the delegations to heads of European countries, and her views on peace. The speech was given at Carnegie Hall on July 9 and published on July 31, 1915.

Addams suggests that she could speak at the National Education Association on August 28.

Meyers invites Addams to speak at a "Monster open air Peace Demonstration" on July 31.

Addams' secretary invites Morris to a meeting of the Chicago Peace Society where Addams will discuss the work done in Europe.

Henrotin praises Addams' address at the Chicago Auditorium.

Evans praises Addams' Carnegie Hall speech and invites her to speak for the Massachusetts' branch of the Woman's Peace Party.
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Addams discusses her work with the International Congress of Women, the delegations to European leaders, and her views on the need for peace. The event was held at the Chicago Auditorium and attended by both peace activists and the general public, and chaired by Charles L. Hutchinson.

An extended interview with a Chicago Tribune reporter on Addams's efforts for peace and the work of the International Congress of Women.

Addams updates Jacobs on her activities since returning to the United States.

Kellogg updates Addams on plans for the Chicago peace meeting.

Kellogg updates Addams on the Survey publishing of her speech at Carnegie Hall in which she mentioned soldiers being given alcohol before charges.

Wald describes the efforts she and others are making to defend Addams against attacks regarding her Carnegie Hall speech.

Lynch praises Addams' Carnegie Hall speech and hopes that they can organize a peace conference before she returns to Chicago.
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