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Addams disputes a claim that a settlement house based on Hull-House was to be established in Paris.

Addams reveals that she was offered an LL.D. from the University of Wisconsin and hopes to revise her speaking schedule.

Ely congratulates Addams on the LL.D. from the University of Wisconsin.

Ely writes to Alice Hamilton to inform Addams of what she needs to wear at her honorary degree ceremony.

Ely follows up with Hamilton in regards to what Addams needs to receive her honorary doctorate from the University of Wisconsin.

Addams sends Ely a newspaper clipping that prematurely announced her honorary degree.

Article that announces that Addams will receive an honorary degree at the University of Wisconsin Commencement.

Ely reassures Addams that there is no worry over the newspaper article and asks her about donors to a fund.

Osgood informs Addams that she has won election as a permanent representative of the General Committee of the International Association for Labour Legislation.

Addams writes Commons to accept membership to the General Committee of the International Association for Labor Legislation.

Stokes writes Addams to inform her that Yale University has decided to honor her with an honorary Master of Arts degree.

Addams informs Stokes that she is happy to attend Yale University's commencement and receive and honorary Master of Arts degree.

Stokes sends Addams information regarding the Yale University commencement exercises during which she will receive an honorary degree.

Addams writes Haldeman that Yale is conferring upon her an honorary Master's degree, and she sends best wishes for Haldeman's health after surgery.

Stillwell informs Addams that the Chicago Association of Commerce has made her an honorary member of the organization.

Addams declines Ehrich's offer to be vice president of the Free Trade League.

Stead praises Twenty Years at Hull-House and informs Addams that he has reviewed the book for a publication and chosen her as one of the "greatest women" in the "new" world.

Roosevelt sends regrets that he is unable to attend a Progressive Club dinner in held in Addams' honor.

Taylor praises Addams and encloses the text of an article he wrote on her for the Chicago Daily News.

Flint relates the history of the Jane Addams Chorus and the women who helped build it.

Cedarville Village Council resolves to name an annual Jane Addams Day, if Addams approves.

Bear tells Addams that Cedarville wants to hold a Jane Addams Day and asks Addams for a date when she could return to speak about her recent work.

Karsten relays Addams' gratitude and accepts the honorary position for her in the American Peace Society.

Balch tells Hamilton about efforts to secure the Nobel Prize for Addams as a means to raise awareness of WILPF's work.

Addams thanks Stahl for suggesting a farewell dinner in her honor to be held in late May.
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