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Karsten informs Mead about suggestions Addams has regarding the meeting of the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party, and also notes that Addams will be staying at Lake Geneva for two weeks.

Karsten informs Van Winkle that Addams cannot attend an engagement due to her sickness.

Karsten informs Van Winkle that Addams cannot travel to St. Louis on doctors orders.

Evans writes Thomas to discuss a $50 per month donation she wants to make for the peace movement.

Dr. Jacobs has arrived in New York a day early and Balch reviews the plans to visit Wilson. Jacobs wants to see Addams before her potential visit with Wilson but it is possible that this will not happen.

Balch discusses her plans for a year's sabbatical devoted to peace work.

Balch updates Addams on meetings she held in New York and her impressions of the Ford Peace Ship expedition.

Lochner tells her husband that Addams cabled saying that she would be delayed from traveling to Europe at least a month.

Gavisk sends Addams greetings from the National Conference of Charities.

Thomas writes for Addams, updating Jacobs on Addams' health and comments on the news of the Peace Ship expedition.

Thomas writes for Addams thanking Post for all she is doing for the Woman's Peace Party. and discusses conference plans for the upcoming meeting.

Thomas relays Addams' request that Lady Anna Barlow be asked to speak at the upcoming Woman's Peace Party meeting in Washington.

Thomas writes for Addams, asking for copies of Crane's recent article and querying her on her views on preparedness.

Thomas updates Ford on Addams' recovery and invites Ford to attend the upcoming Woman's Peace party meeting.

Thomas replies for Addams to telegrams sent by the Peace Ship group, and updates them on her health.

Thomas responds for Addams to Valentine, Posedano, and Valentine encouraging them to form a peace party in Costa Rica.

Thomas writes that Addams' health is still poor and discusses the Ford Peace Ship expedition and Addams' view of Eastman.

Park replies for Addams that they hope to arrange peace lectures for James in Chicago.

Thomas replies for Addams that Haskell's letter to the Woman's Peace Party meeting arrived too late, and updates him on Addams's health.

Thomas writes for Addams to update Whyte on Addams' health and plans to go to Europe.

Le Gette's suggestion of a Woodrow Wilson dove pin is discouraged by Thomas because Wilson is currently advocating for preparedness instead of peace.

Thomas writes for Addams that Wood's letter agrees with the principles of the Woman's Peace Party.

Thomas updates Doty on Addams' health and reports that she plans to attend the annual Women's Peace Party meeting in Washington.

Thomas writes for Addams, sending Deland a copy of Women at The Hague and the Report of the International Congress of Women, and updates her on Addams's health.

Thomas writes for Addams, hoping that Burritt will attend the annual Women's Peace Party meeting in january.

Thomas thanks Harvey for sending Addams the book "The Remedy."

Dudley updates Addams on some of their friends and talks about democracy and Tolstoy.

The participants on Henry Ford's Peace Ship wish Addams well and hope that she will soon join them.
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Addams discusses the experiences of the poor in hospitals. This is an excerpt of her speech, The Layman's View of Hospital Work Among the Poor, from September 17, 1907.

Houghton Mifflin thanks Addams for her endorsement.
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