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Jacobs and Manus discuss options for the peace movement in light of Addams' poor health and travel difficulties for European delegates.

Jacobs sends Addams the latest European thinking on the congress of neutral nations, but is eager to hear what President Wilson said.

Jacobs tells Addams that they will postpone the meeting of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace until Addams can travel.

Jacobs informs Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace have decided to postpone their meeting until Addams can travel.

Jacobs tells Addams that they plan to wait until she is recovered in health before they hold the next International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace and asks her about her views on the Ford Peace Ship expedition.

Jacobs writes Addams in alarm over the news of her impending breast surgery.

Hamilton writes Addams about several female preparatory schools near Bryn Mawr.

Newspaper report of Addams' speech on the need for entertainments among the poor in Chicago. The speech was given for the Sunday Evening Club.

Spencer has been able to rearrange her schedule to meet with Addams and the W.P.P. board in Boston.

Haldeman hopes that Addams begins feeling better, especially because Addams is usually so active.

Ford informs Addams that due to her mother's passing she cannot devote herself to the peace movement any longer, and goes on to discuss governmental influences on the movement.

Ford discusses readings pertaining to her discussion with Hyers.

An "admiring workingman" asks Bowen to send Addams wishes for a speedy recovery.

Bestor details his plans to have Addams speak in California on food conservation.

Rosenwald thanks Addams for a copy of her newest book and hopes Addams is in good enough health to visit.

Catt informs Thomas and Addams that she has been selected as president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. She also comments on the Ford Peace Ship expedition and considers Addams fortunate to have missed it.

Breshkovsky praises Addams for her work in the peace movement.

Stuart sends Addams wishes for a speedy recovery and praises her work for peace.

Schwartz tells Addams about his work with citizenship classes in Chicago public schools and commends her for her neutral political stance.

Phelps thanks Addams for her letter, wishes her good health, and encloses a translated document from the French section of the ICWPP.

Devine encourages Addams to take steps for her health, and remarks upon his daughter's similar condition.

Karsten tells Twitchell that Addams cannot give a speech in Cincinnati due to poor health.

Karsten updates Upton on Addams' improving health and sends her a recent resolution (not found).

Karsten responds to Oppenheim's request stating Addams would be interested in publishing an article in the Seven Arts, but may decline due to her health.

Karsten updates Addams on business in Chicago, including a resolution created to deter the Board of Education from implementing military drills in high schools and a peace exhibit to be held in March.

Karsten informs Mead about suggestions Addams has regarding the meeting of the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party, and also notes that Addams will be staying at Lake Geneva for two weeks.

Karsten informs Van Winkle that Addams cannot attend an engagement due to her sickness.

Karsten informs Van Winkle that Addams cannot travel to St. Louis on doctors orders.
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