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Addams tells Jacobs that she is still too ill to travel and discusses options for holding a meeting of the International Congress of Women for a Permanent Peace.

Addams hopes that Jordan can visit her at Louise Bowen's house.

Addams hopes that Haldeman won't worry that she has been telling others her confidences.

Addams tells Woods that she won't be able to attend a the National Federation of Settlements conference due to poor health.

Stuart sends Addams wishes for a speedy recovery and praises her work for peace.

Wilson sends Addams his best on hearing that she was illness.

An "admiring workingman" asks Bowen to send Addams wishes for a speedy recovery.

Kellogg discusses Emily Balch's trip to Europe and hopes that Addams is getting healthier so that she can participate in peace activities.

Jacobs and Manus discuss options for the peace movement in light of Addams' poor health and travel difficulties for European delegates.

Smith writes for Addams, asking Karsten to send William Catlin a list of peace organizations.

Karsten updates Addams on business in Chicago, including a resolution created to deter the Board of Education from implementing military drills in high schools and a peace exhibit to be held in March.

Ford discusses readings pertaining to her discussion with Hyers.

Phelps thanks Addams for her letter, wishes her good health, and encloses a translated document from the French section of the ICWPP.

Addams informs Haldeman that she may have mistakenly sent her a transcript, and gives general updates regarding her time in Colorado.

Addams thanks Wales for her letters, and asks that she attempt to collect programs from representatives of other nations during the committee meeting.

Addams expresses frustration to Schwimmer regarding her illness, as it proves to be a major inconvenience in planning the international committee meeting, and has hindered her from traveling to Europe with Ford's peace ship.

Addams updates MacMillan on her own health, and asks if she would be able to notify her if the International Committee meeting could be postponed until May on account of her illness.

Addams expresses her regret that she will not be able to make it to Stockholm immediately, but informs Lochner of her tentative plans to arrive in April or May.

Addams thanks Karsten for her work and discusses a book by David Starr Jordan.

Smith asks Karsten to send a duplicate report to Mrs. Mead in Boston.

Addams writes to Haldeman to update her niece on her health and a mutual friend Haldeman will see in Kansas City.

Smith updates Haldeman on the current state of Addams' health and their plans once she recovers.

Addams relays her reason for being away from Hull House to Jacobs, and discusses plans for the Europe conference should she not be able to attend.

Haldeman hopes that Addams begins feeling better, especially because Addams is usually so active.

Le Gette's suggestion of a Woodrow Wilson dove pin is discouraged by Thomas because Wilson is currently advocating for preparedness instead of peace.

Thomas writes for Addams, asking for copies of Crane's recent article and querying her on her views on preparedness.

Addams telegrams that she is unlikely to be able to travel overseas.

Addams telegraphs Schwimmer that she cannot undertake ocean travel due to her health.

Addams discusses her health and her association with the Ford Peace Ship and upcoming peace meetings in Europe.

Schwimmer asks Addams to come to Europe to recover from illness, complaining that Aletta Jacob is destroying the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.
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