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Addams writes Wald about her schedule of commitments over the next few weeks and provides an update her health and on the health of Mary Rozet Smith, as well.
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Addams writes Lathrop about her health and plans for an upcoming event.

Addams informs Huntoon that she cannot appear at an event in Akron due to her health.

Addams writes Haldeman with news about the health of her grandnieces, her own health, her upcoming trip, and a fire at Hull-House on February 4.

Addams writes Haldeman with news of her stay in Georgia, her writing, and the health of family members.

In this sentimental letter to Smith, Addams covers everything from the weather and her health, a book publication, and travel plans

Addams writes James about plans for her speaking engagements in Portage and Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Addams discusses her health and recent events.

Addams did not receive an initial letter from Martin but promises to help in the future.

Houghton Mifflin thanks Addams for her endorsement.

Addams is surprised that Haldeman was upset with her and discusses both sisters' illnesses.
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Addams discusses the preparations for the International Congress of Women made aboard the S.S. Noordam.

Addams tells Balch that she cannot travel to New York due to her bronchitis and hopes that Aletta Jacobs might be able to come to her.

Smith's note, written at the end of a letter by Addams, reveals that Addams is too ill to travel to New York, despite her hope to do so.

Smith asks Balch to postpone her visit due to the severity of Addams' bronchitis.

Smith tells Hyers that Addams approves of the suggestion to tell the Women's Peace Party chairs about Rosika Schwimmer's trip to the United States, and comments on President Wilson's policy against meeting delegates from belligerent countries.

Dr. Jacobs has arrived in New York a day early and Balch reviews the plans to visit Wilson. Jacobs wants to see Addams before her potential visit with Wilson but it is possible that this will not happen.

Jacobs sends Addams the latest European thinking on the congress of neutral nations, but is eager to hear what President Wilson said.

Addams cannot travel to visit Schwimmer because her illness has relapsed. Schwimmer is instead invited to Bar Harbor, ME.

Schwimmer hopes that Addams is feeling better and will be leaving New York after Friday to visit.

Addams sends Hyers more documents meant for her and that need to be filed. Addams hopes to be back by the beginning of October.

Wald has been asked to speak at Vassar College in place of Addams.

Addams informs Lochner that her health has not improved and she will no longer be able to speak. Schwimmer is recommended to replace her.

Addams is glad that a meeting has been arranged for the European delegates. She is not sure if she will be able to attend, due to her health issues.

Young and Brayton sat close to Addams and were glad to see Addams no longer ill.

Lochner complains about the state of finances for paying speakers on the west coast, but still hopes that Addams, Schwimmer, or MacMillan will be able to give an address.

Hyers reacts to the news that Addams may travel to Chicago. Hyers has been handing out tickets for a large meeting and will keep Addams updated on the organization of it all.

Addams describes her upcoming meeting with members of the International Congress of Women.

Hyers advises Wilton that Addams cannot write an article due to illness, but sends some materials that Wilton can use.
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