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Addams invites Haldeman to join her in Chicago or Rockford, Illinois, in the summer, noting that there will be construction ongoing at Hull-House and she will not be able to go away. She also remarks on her health and that of John Weber Addams.

While en route to New Orleans, Addams writes Haldeman about her health and medical care.

Addams writes Smith about her travels.

Addams thanks Ehrich for his hospitality in Colorado.

Addams reflects on the railroad crash she endured and gives her impressions of the General Federation of Women's Clubs meeting.

Hamilton writes Addams about several female preparatory schools for near Bryn Mawr for Marcet Haldeman.

Addams congratulates Ely on news from Stanley McCormick, remarks that she has been ill, and discusses her upcoming trip.

Addams discusses sending a package to Mary Swope, her plans for next summer, John Kelley's convalescence, and her upcoming trip.

Addams sends her regrets that she must disappoint Mrs. Brainard, due to illness.
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Addams's speech to the American Hospital Association meeting, held in Chicago on September 17, 1907 was later published in the organization's journal. In her talk Addams discusses prejudice against the poor in hospitals and their reluctance to seek care from hospitals.
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Addams' speech to the American Hospital Association meeting, held in Chicago on September 17, 1907 was published in the organization's journal. In her talk Addams discussed the prejudices against the poor in hospitals and their reluctance to use them.
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Addams discusses the experiences of the poor in hospitals. This is an excerpt of her speech, The Layman's View of Hospital Work Among the Poor, from September 17, 1907.

Bowen encourages Addams to come as planned to Maine because she needs the rest.

Addams writes Haldeman with news of Marcet Haldeman and about her own relaxing stay in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Addams thanks Ewing for the get well gift of Chrysanthemums.

Addams schedules afternoon tea with Haldeman to await Marcet Haldeman's arrival in Chicago.

Addams writes Haldeman about her convalescence at Louise Bowen's home.

Jones apologizes for asking Addams to write an article during her illness and wishes her rest and recovery.

Addams writes her mother about her health and an upcoming visit to Cedarville.

Addams sends Haldeman information about her travel plans along with an address to reach her.

Addams thanks Kent for his donation and discusses outdoor activities planned for the Hull-House Boys Club.

Addams invites Wallas to be a guest at Hull House and to present form lectures in Chicago.

Addams writes Smith about her health and her activities.
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Addams writes Landsberg with news about work on Twenty Years at Hull House and the health of Landsberg's mother and Mary Smith.

Addams updates Abbott on some health issues and asks her to pass along some information to her mother.

Newspaper report of Addams' speech on the need for entertainments among the poor in Chicago. The speech was given for the Sunday Evening Club.

Addams sends Haldeman a copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and offers news about an absessed tooth and the Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Addams writes Smith, criticizing her own work after the publishing of Twenty Years at Hull House, and reporting news about her health and Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Addams writes Smith about her disappointment in missing Thanksgiving at Hull-House because of a wound, but reports she is improving after working on a speech and seeing the arrival of copies of Twenty Years at Hull House.

Under the advice of her physician, Addams declines King's invitation to give the Washington Birthday address at Oberlin College.
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