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Thomas responds to Schwimmer's letter for Addams and addresses a number of topics relating to the Peace Party.

Sewall discusses Peace workers of several peace organizations and asks for the contact information for leaders of those organizations to inform them of an upcoming conference.

Kelsey describes a mass meeting at Cooper Union in New York, and asks for materials to send to interested people in New Jersey.

Addams discusses Hemmick's offer to join the Woman's Peace Party and help with dramatic and theatrical propaganda.

Addams thanks Sinclair for sending his book, likely Syvia's Wedding, and notes how busy she is organizing the Woman's Peace Party.

Shaw reports that the National Association is unable take up the matter or peace, but is sending all communications to Addams as head of the peace movement in the United States.

Lathrop asks Addams to participate in a Washington peace meeting at the end of the month.

Addams' secretary informs Best that her letter regarding lectures was forwarded to the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams' secretary informs Bowes that society membership in the Peace Party $5 or $1.

Addams forwards Carrie Catt's idea for a women's peace meeting.

Addams forwards Carrie Catt's plan for a peace conference.

Addams describes meeting with Juliet Rublee about Woman's Peace Party badges and letters.

Addams is eager to sign a peace statement so that it can be distributed quickly.

Keppel notifies Addams that the Carnegie Endowment has awarded $1,000 for her proposal.

Addams informs Briggs that her lecture topic will be "War versus Social Service."

Addams calls for the public to join the peace movement, demonstrate public sentiment for peace, and attend a conference.

Addams updates Wald about her travel plans for the upcoming two weeks.

Addams discusses the efforts of the Woman's Peace Party and her travels.

Addams denounces the newly formed American Legion as a project that could lead the United States into war and argues for conscious efforts to spread peace. The speech was made at the Cort Theater to the Woman's Peace Party on March 5.

Addams' speech at the Free Synagogue at Carnegie Hall discusses the setbacks that World War I will have on society.

Wilson tells Addams he is willing to consider any peace plan she sends in writing, but cannot meet with her due to the number of similar requests.

Newspaper coverage of Addams' speech at Columbia University on building a constructive peace by influencing public opinion.

Jordan praises Addams' essays about the war as among the best he has seen.

Addams discusses efforts for peace with Sewall and indicates that she will attend the International Congress of Women at the Hague.

Addams discusses the issue of who should lead the American delegation to the International Congress of Women.

Addams asks Balch to attend the International Congress of Women at The Hague due to her experience with race and nationalism.

Addams is disappointed that Wald can't attend the International Women's Congress and considers asking Maud Nathan to attend, but fears she might be pro-German.

Leckie agrees to continue to be the head of the Publicity Bureau for the Women's Peace Party and offers condolences for the death of Addams' sister.

Hunter asks Addams if she has any materials that would help her write an article about the Women's Peace Party.

Addams informs Atwater that they should publish news from the Hague Conference rather than Lochner's address.
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