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Addams discusses Tolstoy and his ideas on labor and peace.

Beals is disappointed that Addams cannot attend their reception because she will be working for the Progressive Party, and believes the Baroness von Suttner should not have publicly criticized Addams for her political beliefs.

Kellogg describes the events at the First Governors' Conference and the activities of the peace movement and the upcoming Governor's Conference in Madison.

Addams praises Kellogg's peace plans and discusses her reluctant approval of a plan by Rosika Schwimmer.

Kellogg suggests that Addams get in touch with Elizabeth Tilton to help with the peace work in Boston. He also discusses plans for a peace meeting with an eye to holding a national meeting later.

A list of those invited to a peace discussion at Henry Street Settlement, September 29, 1914

Blake asks for Addams permission to include her name on the Children's Peace Petition.

Kellogg asks Addams to preside over a small peace meeting and hopes she can send an agenda. He also encloses a letter he wrote to George W. Nasmyth.

Kellogg encloses a first draft (not found) of a peace statement, along with notes about how it should be presented.

Kellogg discusses the war and the latest draft of a statement Addams has written for the newspapers.

Addams advises Walton against creating a new peace society.

Addams agrees to serve on any Peace Committee that Jordan is involved in and tells him about the eagerness for a peace conference in January.

Addams invites Schwimmer to stay at Hull-House and mentions the difficulties in organizing the peace meeting in Washington.

Addams asks Reinsch to write an article on the influence of colonial policies on the war for a peace issue of The Survey.

Addams discusses plans for a peace meeting, preferring to limit the participation to social workers and economists.

Addams informs White of difficulties organizing a national peace gathering and hopes to have a better sense after a meeting.

Catt discusses the current peace movement as "over masculine" with little interest in the point of view of women. She suggests that women organize a demonstration alone.

Addams discusses the upcoming peace meeting and hopes to see Wald in New York.

Addams details her plans to issue invitations to specific women's organizations rather than a general call for the upcoming peace meeting in Washington.

Addams invites Pennybacker to attend the upcoming women's peace conference in Washington.

Addams updates Mead on the conference in Washington and asks Mead to send a pamphlet called "Women and War" to those invited.

Addams thanks Kellogg for his gift, and talks about his Preparedness for Peace plan and other activities in early January.

Addams asks Mead to present her "Appeal of the Women" at the upcoming meeting in Washington, and notes that suffrage needs to be pushed as a key issue there.

Addams discusses the idea of forming a National Peace Committee of Women that would consist of various smaller organizations that fit the criteria uniting for a common cause.

Addams invites the recipients to a National Peace Conference of Women, in Washington, where she hopes to organize a national women-led peace committee.